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Yes. There is also preejaculate and other fluids.

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If the person is HIV+, it is possible (via secretions, pre-ejaculate).

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Q: Can you get HIV even if he never ejaculated in you?
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Does a man have to have previously ejaculated in order to get you pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

You can "pre-ejaculte" even if you have never ejaculated before and get a girl prgnant. There is almost always sperm in pre-ejaculate.

Can you get HIV from genital rubbing?

If the male ejaculated near the vagina there is a possibility that you can contract HIV. HIV is contracted through blood, sharing needles, body fluids (semen) that enter into a mucous membrane (i.e. eyes, mouth, vagina, etc).

I am a boy and he is a boy and you ejaculated the sprem in is mouth will cause hiv?

He may be at risk if you have HIV. Consult a doctor or sexual health clinic for advice, as they can run tests and diagnose any sexually transmittable diseases.

How can you not get HIV by eating with a person who has HIV?

Because casual contact, even saliva, does not transmit HIV.

Can you have HIV but never get aids?

It is possible

If you have HIV does your daughter have HIV?

It is actually still possible that your child will not contact HIV from you, even though it is unlikely.

Is true true that there are a particular group of people in Kenya who cannot get the HIV or AIDS virus.?

Yes it is true. Because there are two types of HIV. HIV 1 and HIV 2. HIV 1 and HIV 2 can never affect this people because they have different jeans. They may have the virus in them but it will never harm them but will harm you as HIV and aids terms are applied..

What happens if you are gay and you ejaculated into your also gay partner?

There is no risk of fertilization, since men do not have an uterus. You partner cannot get pregnant even if you ejaculated inside him wherever the place.

Can hiv live in citrus fruits?

HIV can't live in citrus fruit. You can't get HIV from eating fruit, even if it was handled by someone with HIV.

Do people with HIV never get aids?

HIV is an infection that LEADS to AIDS. So, most likely, people with HIV are very likely to get AIDS.

Can a o positive group contact hiv easly?

Blood type has never been mentioned as an inhibitor of HIV.

If you have AIDS and sleep with someone will they get the HIV virus or full blown aids?

That is correct; there is a possibility you will not get HIV if you sleep with someone infected with the virus. There is a greater possibility of a woman contracting the virus if engaged in unprotected sex as the sperm is ejaculated into the vagina; and sperm has HIV in it. You may want to be tested in 3 & 6 months for HIV and don't engage in unprotected sex or refrain until you know for sure.