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yes with a GameShark or if u hav a cheat to have every Pokemon in the world of poikemon (if u do im jealous)

New Answer:Trade from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

(tho this way is tricky and i have yet to verify if this is a real way or not but i am currently trying to fullfil the conditions that must be met to get one)

In Pokemon XD: GoD, you must appearently do the foolowing in order to have a choice in which Jhoto Starter you want: Chikorita, Cindaquil, Totodile.

1. Go to Mt. Battle

2. Pick your set of 6 PKMN that you wish to use (there is debate on wheather you need to have an EMPTY slot in your party to unlock the Jhoto Starters)

3. Go to the receptionist by the Abra and ask to start a NEW CHALLENGE.

4. Beat 10 Areas (containing 9 trainers an 1 Area Leader EACH)

5. DO NOT **REPEAT** DO NOT EVEN TOUCH THE PC's PROVIDED BETWEEN EACH Area at the Rest Areas. If you do, it will VOID your challenge and you will get nothing but PokeCoupons at the end for your trouble!!!

6. Beat All 9 Areas to go to the last area, Area 10 (Mt. Battle Colesseum aka Area 100) at the top of the volcano you were working yourself up.

7. Beat the Battle Master and he SHOULD give you a choice of Totodile, Chikorita or Cindaquil (each with their respective elemental Hyper beams! Hydro Canon, Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn)

**8 if you want the other two, since you can ONLY pick one at a time PER new challenge from start to finish, you MUST do the whole thing over again from 1-100.

THEN loljust trade it to your Firered :P

hope this helped! =]

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Q: Can you get Tododile in Pokemon FireRed?
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