Can you get Tony Hawk ride on PlayStation?

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2010-01-28 23:30:30

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I dont think so on ps2 but maybe on ps3

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2010-01-28 23:30:30
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Q: Can you get Tony Hawk ride on PlayStation?
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Is Tony Hawk ride for PlayStation 2?

No the Wii PS3 and Xbox 360

How many video games are made after Tony Hawk?

how many tony hawk games u ask? ill tell u. there are 12 tony hawk games in all tony hawk pro skater tony hawk pro skater 2-PlayStation tony hawk pro skater 3-playstation tony hawk pro skater 4-playstation tony hawk underground-playstation 2 tony hawk underground 2-playstation 2 tony hawk American wasteland-playstation 2 tony hawk project 8-playstation 2 tony hawk downhill jam-Wii tony hawk proving ground-xbox 360 tony hawk RIDE-xbox 360 tony hawk shred-wii and im not to sure wat all of them are for but i do know some of them so i hope i helped u enjoy

Will a Tony Hawk ride work for Tony Hawk shred?

Yes, the Tony Hawk Ride "controller" is compatible with Shred

Should iget dj hero or Tony Hawk ride?

tony hawk ride

What is the newest Tony Hawk game?

tony hawk ride

What is different between Tony Hawk ride and Tony Hawk shred?

tony hawk shred has snowboarding in it

Can you use Tony Hawk ride on different games?

no. it cannot be used on any other game than tony hawk ride. you may be able to use it when they come out with tony hawk ride 2

Can you play Tony Hawk shred with the board from Tony Hawk ride?

yes i tried it before on my wii when i had tony hawk ride cause its the same controller but different designs

Can you freerome on Tony Hawk ride?


Does Tony Hawk ride a ripstik?


Can you use your Tony Hawk ride controller for Tony Hawk shred?

Nope bud

Can you a Tony hawk ride board for Tony hawk shred?

yes i hav both

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