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If the bankruptcy is legitimate and being reported correctly, it will be reported on your credit for 10 years. There's really nothing you can do to change that. * In addition to the time limit noted for a bankrkuptcy to remain on a credit report, the court will not issue such documentation nor become involved in such matters.

2006-08-14 16:25:47
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Q: Can you get a 1997 bankruptcy removed from your credit report if you contact the courthouse and request a letter of deletion be sent to Equifax?
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Does a bankruptcy have to filed with the courts in the county where you live?

Bankruptcy is filed through the federal Bankruptcy court. Contact your local courthouse or a local attorney to find out where to file in your area. Yes it does.

Telephone to contact Equifax I would like to contact Equifax by phone what is there telephone number?

I need to contact Equifax to find out to get a credit report machine for my business.

If a bankruptcy was discharged in 2001 when does it come off credit report?

Bankruptcy only impacts your credit for 7 years. Contact Experian, Transunion, Equifax to get it removed from your credit report. Addresses and phone numbers to all 3 are avail. on internet,

How do you get Equifax to remove a released taxlienfederal?

You must contact the lien holder. If necessary, Equifax can provide you with contact information for the creditor. Equifax can only remove it when the lien holder provides in writing a clearance of the lien.

How to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

contact a bankruptcy lawyer

How can you get a current credit report if your bankruptcy was discharged a year ago and a certificate of discharge was sent to Equifax for them to update your records but you can't get a current one?

You can contact Equifax and tell them you wish to see a copy of your credit report..If you disagree with anything on the report, you can challenge the information..Under the consumer bill of rights, they have a specific time to verify the correctness of the information they have..If they can not confirm their information, they must drop it from the report.

How do I contact jury duty in orange county California?

Contact the Clerk Of The Court's office at the Orange County courthouse.

How do you remove a bankruptcy from your credit report that isn't yours because you have never filed for bankruptcy?

Contact the credit bureau that has the incorrect information about the bankruptcy. They will contact whomever they need to in order to verify the information or remove it if it is deemed false.

Where is your local child support enforcement office?

Contact your county courthouse for the number.

How do you amend a bankruptcy filing?

Contact the trustee who is in charge of the BK.

What company can someone contact when they need legal help from bankruptcy?

When someone needs legal help from bankruptcy they can contact their local legal aid office. They will assign you someone to speak to about your options.

How do i get a copy of my own bankruptcy records in Georgia?

Contact the clerk for the court your bankruptcy was filed. Bankruptcy documents are available but you will typically be charged a copy fee. The clerk can provide you with this information.

Where can you get your bankruptcy discharge paper?

In most cases it will be sent to you by the bankruptcy court. If you need another copy or have not received your discharge papers when you believe you should have then contact the bankruptcy court to obtain them.

What if a charge off still shows on credit history after seven years?

you contact the 3 equifax and submit the findings to be removed

Should a person contact their creditors directly if they have not paid their credit card bills in 2 years or should they just file for bankruptcy?

You should contact a bankruptcy or finance attorney and no one else.

Do you know if you go to bankruptcy court do you get discharged when you go there?

A person or persons would need to file for bankruptcy before having any contact with the court and/or bankruptcy trustee. A bankruptcy discharge is what is granted if the filing is deemed valid.

When did you file bankruptcy?

The first step in understanding financial distress is realizing that you are in financial trouble and need help. Contact a bankruptcy attorney in your area for a free initial consultation. First, bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment. Many creditors will call you all day, every day, any time of day. Bankruptcy provides a fresh financial start by making it illegal for creditors to contact you. This can be your first sigh of relief. Even once you have retained a bankruptcy attorney, you can tell creditors who contact you that you are in the process of filing bankruptcy, and they should direct the calls to your attorney's office.

Where can you find information about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You can find information about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy online or through a lawyer. Simply contact a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy law to get more information.

Can you add medical bills to an existing Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, you can amend your bankruptcy, usually for a fee that is passed on to you from the court. You should contact your attorney to add your medical bills before you bankruptcy is discharged and to reconfigure your bankruptcy plan.

Can you file bankruptcy in North Carolina?

Yes, contact an attorney to find out how.

What address or telephone number can be used to contact either Transunion or Equifax for credit report issues?

The three major reporting bureaus have websites with contact, and

Is there a bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

Yes, there are bankruptcy lawyers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can contact the Wisconsin State Bar Association online or by telephone to request a referral to an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law.

What are my options for debt relief besides filing bankruptcy?

Instead of filing bankruptcy, you can contact your lenders and negotiate settlements with them. If they are aware that you are facing bankruptcy, they often will settle for amounts less than what you owe them.

What is the best approach to file for bankruptcy?

The best approach to file for bankruptcy is to first evaluate your current situation. Is it truly bankruptcy? How will this affect you? If you decide that bankruptcy is the only way, this is what you must do. Contact a bankruptcy attorney to make sure that it is all done correctly. That is the only way to make sure.

Where could someone hire a bankruptcy lawyer?

Bankruptcy lawyers can be found at the Bankruptcy Lawyer website. From there you can search by area or zip code or contact them directly for more help locating someone locally. Debt B Gone, Fresh Start Bankruptcy and Total Bankruptcy are sites that can help determine if bankruptcy is an option for individuals or businesses.