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Microphones dont not work with a DVD/TV Combo unit. DVD/VCR Combo units are connected internally and connections are not accessible


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there are karaoke discs to more recent albums that sell in some CD stores

There are several online stores which provide songs in CDG format for karaoke. One example of this is SBI Karaoke, which can ship physical discs internationally or offers CDG files as a digital download

Although any CD with instrumental tracks will work, there are special Karaoke discs manufactured. You can request catalogs through the mail or browse online.

The lyrics are embedded data on the CD with the music.

Karaoke machine $35 -If you are renting both VCD and Laser Disc, add $35 for the second machine

CD+G discs are often used for karaoke machines, which use this functionality to present on-screen lyrics for the song contained on the .

Yes, this option is available for Karaoke machines and you can check out various websites related to this field to find out more about this feature.

Yes it will if it is a Blu-ray multimedia karaoke player such as the Acesonic USA Blu-ray Karaoke Player Model# BDK-2000

If you want to buy large quantity of karaoke songs, you can visit online shop of Unify company, they have a large collection of karaoke songs of many languages. Google Unify or karaoke and you can find it, have a try, it's helpful.

A person can find large variety of karaoke discs on sale on the internet. For big box stores, a good choice would be Best Buy. They also might get lucky at the music section in large, chain bookstores.

Karaoke originated in Japan and has spread to the world. A lot of people find entertainment in karaoke, especially music lovers who like to sing their favorite songs. If you purchased your karaoke machine, it usually comes with karaoke discs that you can play along; however, you can also buy new ones with more songs if you’re tired of your old collections. On the other hand, it is also possible to create your own karaoke disc. Here are some guides on how to create your own karaoke discs. • Have CDG disc duplicator. A CDG disc duplicator will copy the music from a music disc and then burn it to create your own CDG disc. You can purchase CDG drives from stores that sell these types of products for the computer. • Buy CDG discs. To be able to create your karaoke discs, you need to buy a blank CDG disc where the songs will be burned. It will also allow you to add lyrics that appear on the screen as you play your favorite track. Other kinds of discs won’t be able to do this, but will be able to play your tracks. • Have karaoke software. Once you have your hardware and your blank CDG disc, you need to obtain your karaoke software so that you can add lyrics and graphics to your favorite tracks. If you have purchased karaoke music without lyrics, you can add them using reliable karaoke software. It is very easy to use such software, because all you need to do is to drag and drop a text file that contains the lyrics of the song. Do not use vocal remover software when you are attempting to make your mp3s into karaoke music. This produces bad quality and in general, no software can actually remove the lead vocal of a song. There may be some software that can produce good quality, but this won’t allow you to add lyrics to your favorite songs like karaoke software.

you can download zip files of karaoke discs, then you must have a compatible burner to burn cd_g files and you also have to convert the files to .bin files

CDG (or CD+g) Karaoke machines play CDG discs, which will play on regular CD players without the benefit of words on a screen. CDG-enabled machines, like the Vibes Karaoke Machine or the CD+g A146P, are required for lyrics to displayed.

CDG (or CD+G) stands for Compact Disc plus Graphics. These discs contain the background music and onscreen lyrics. If the disc is labeled CD only then it will contain only the background music.

most DVD players (95%) will play audio discs but to be sure check the user manual that came with your DVD player

You could look on eBay for a Spanish karaoke disk, or maybe even Target. Try searching on Google and see if any places are selling them. Another option would be to check Craigslist, but there isn't a very high chance that you will find any there.

Blu-Ray discs DO NOT play on DVD players. They will only play on Blu-Ray players

The U-Best DA-268 Karaoke DVD Player with 1 TB Hard Drive is an excellent choice. It has an internal hard drive to store all of your songs, so you won't have to bother with changing discs. It's also priced very reasonably and will give you the best bang for your dollar.

what is difference between compact discs and digital versalite discs

Depends on what kind of "discs" you're referring to... (compact discs? brake discs?)

Unremarkable in medical term means normal. Unremarkable intervertebral discs, then, are normal discs.

You start a karaoke business buy buying a building or room, buy the machines needed, then send flyers for staff wanted, make a website,make posters to say what it is and when it is.if noone is coming ask your friends to invite friends so your business will become a success.

There are about 26 discs in an average person.=)

Compact Discs is the correct spelling.

Discs of Tron was created in 1983.

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