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Yes you RCA makes one, I just bought one on eBay for $150 and it works great. Records 40 hours of shows, TV guide on screen, or program like a VCR. Quality is great, no problems so far.

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โˆ™ 2012-06-25 06:22:03
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Q: Can you get a DVR digital video recorder that you can use to record TV shows without having to pay a monthly fee to some company?
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Can you get a DVR digital video recorder that you can use to record TV shows without having to pay a monthly fee?

Yes - in fact, I have 2 of them - a Sony and a Lite-On.

Can a analog video cassette recorder record from a digital television?

Not without a converter. The inexpensive converters used to convert digital TV to analog for older sets should work.

How do you burn a TV show from a cable company digital set-top box directly to DVD blank disk via a component DVD burner without an intervening cable company or computer hard drive Just like VCR.?

Look behind your TV, there must have some connector for in put and out. Connect the put connector ( Video, Audio Left/Right ) to your DVR - Digital video recorder or to your PC VIDEO CARD in put ( Video, Audio Left/Right ). than you can start recording.

Where can you get audio recorder so you can record people with out there knowledge?

Recording conversations without the consent of all parties may be illegal in some regions. Please check the local laws of your area before attempting to try this. Any standard recorder (analog [tape] or digital) will do nicely.

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Nokia 6500 slide call recorder without beep?

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Can the cable run directly into VCR without the box?

Yes, but if your cable company is no longer sending analog channels down the cable, it won't work without a digital converter box.

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Can a DVD movie be played on a DVR?

This depends on the particular model. Some DVRs have DVD players built in, and some do not. By itself, a standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder) without a DVD drive built in cannot play a DVD.

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“can I get internet service without a phone line, and how much will it cost on a monthly basis.””

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You have digital cable with a HDTV Is there any way to get Hd programming without paying your local company for a Hd receiver and their premium services?

absolutely NOT, that is how Cable co. make their money!!!!

What is high d on the recorder?

its like c except without the thumb on the bottom

How do you record your games consoles without a capture card?

With a VCR or a DVD Recorder

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No games like WoW can be played without a download. As for no monthly subscription, EverQuest II? Its free on Steam.

Free ringtone without a monthly charge?

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What is a hybrid dvr?

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) commonly used for surrvellience that lets the user connect both analog and IP cameras to the newly-built or existing surveillance system. IP cameras or network ip cameras stream live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as the Internet. Analog or traditional cameras capture a feed that cannot usually be broadcast for remote access without the means of an analog to digital conversion process, therefore cannot be accessed at a remote location instantaneously.

Is a digital VCR with tuner the same as VCR with digital tuner?

Generally VCR's are digital electronic items. Some manufacturers add digital tuners(digital tuning radios) to their products as a extra option. VCRs work fine without digital tuner and its handy for you with a digital tuner than an analog.

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