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Can you get a bank account at a credit union with bad credit?


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Most credit unions will allow anyone that is eligible for membership to open an account. It depends on what they use to verify a checking account when opened as to if they will allow you to open a checking. Some use a credit report and some use chexsystems, ews or telecheck

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Even if one has bad credit, it is still possible to open a bank account and have the chances to redeem themselves. Credit Unions frequently allow the opening of a bank account with bad credit under guidelines such as the prohibition of checks or credit cards.

You may be able to get a student bank account with bad credit if you have a co signer. Most student bank accounts require a co signer anyway.

One option for you is to open basic bank account online. Through this, build your credibility and then later, you can get a bank account in a bank.

You can get a bad credit checking account online at online Credit Agency companies such as Experian. You can also visit your local bank and they can look at getting a credit checking account for you.

Someone with bad credit could open a merchant account with their bank, provided that their bank offers merchant accounts. Additionally, someone with bad credit could open a merchant account overseas, as overseas merchant processors don't typically pull credit reports.

Not unless the account went uppaid and the bank sent it to a collection agent. Vote on our videos at

yes as long as co-applicant has good credit history.

no you will just e in dept and owe the bank alot of money and have really bad credit.

If you have bad credit, getting a debt consolidation loan from your bank or credit union might be difficult. Some people may not have good credit, but not quite poor credit. If you have no major debts but still have so so credit you might be eligible for a loan from your bank.

Yes, you can get Bad Credit Loan. A bad credit history is like having contracted an infectious disease. At least this is what most lenders perceive. Any requests for personal loans by people with a bad credit history are generally declined.

yes, long as your bank never closed your account due to lack of funds or owes money. if this was the case, you will not able to open an account with any banks for several years. asian623

One generally doesn't receive bad credit for getting a bank loan. A bank loan can be denied though, if one has bad credit. Bad credit can occur if one does not pay credit card bills on time.

Numerous banks offer loans to people with subprime credit. Trying also to check with your local credit union.

No. As long as you have money that can be deposited into the savings account, the bank cannot deny giving you a savings account. However, if you have a history of bad checks being issued, default on credit card payments etc the bank will not issue you any credit cards or check booklets.

The only way one with bad credit get a loan from a bank is to use a co-signer who has a stronger credit profile.

There are many banks that offer bank accounts for businesses with bad credit. Examples of banks that offer bank accounts for businesses with bad credit includes Wells Fargo and TCF Bank.

It can be hard to open a checking account if you have had a bankruptcy court judgment or bad credit against you. Some banks like NatWest will let you open a Step Account where they track your record for a period of time, then let you move up to a regular account with checking.

Chex Systems Bites is a great site for a listing of banks where you can open a checking account with bad credit. They also have information on how the Chex System works and give recommendations on different banks. You can find the website at Many, if not most banks, do not check your credit for a simple checking account. What they do check is if you've defaulted on a checking account at another bank. If another bank has reported you (rightly or wrongly) you will have a hard time getting an account.

It depends on the bank; some do and some don't. Trustco Banks usually don't check. Sun Trust Banks usually do check.

Normally if a bank closes your account they will report you to chexsystems, telecheck, or early warning services. If the account is charged off, it may be turned over to a collection agency and in turn it could hurt your credit. It will also prevent you from opening a new account easily

No, a checking account is not correlated to your credit score. The only reason why you have to give your social security # is to prove that you have no outstanding debt with any other banks. ______________________________________ Actually, there is a correlation. Having a checking account doesn't improve your credit score, but you can be accepted or denied an account based on it. If you have bad credit, or no credit, you may be denied from a variety of bank checking accounts. I was told by my lawyer it does improve your credit if you keep your checking account in good standings he said the bank report it monthly to the crdit bureaus thats just what i was told

yes you can have merchant account eventhough you have bad credit, check on this

Even if one has bad credit, one should first apply for an auto loan at the bank, credit union or financial institution where one does business. Car dealerships would be another source to apply for an auto loan even with bad credit.

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