Can you get a chopper in vice city?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Yes,you can the chopper in the game.You need to find the chopper in the game play city.You can find one on the Hyman condo and Google for the other helicopters in the game.

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Q: Can you get a chopper in vice city?
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What is the chopper cheat for gta vice city?

There is no cheat for a chopper you need to find the choppers in the city.You can either search for them in the city or Google for the locations of the choppers.

How do you get a chopper in grand theft auto vice city stories on the psp?

You can get a chopper from several locations.The locations are available at Hyman Condo and Vercetti Mansion do have helipad at the top.

What is the cheat code for the chopper in gta vice city?

There is no cheat code for the helicopter.You can get one by searching in the city.You can Google for the location.

How can you get a helicopter in GTA Vice city stories?

You can get a chopper by searching it on the tall building roof tops.You can get the locations of the helicopters from Google.

When was Chopper City Records created?

Chopper City Records was created in 2001.

When was Chopper City created?

Chopper City was created on 1997-02-26.

When was Chopper City in the Ghetto created?

Chopper City in the Ghetto was created on 1999-04-20.

Where is chopper city records located in new Orleans?

All of New Orleans is Chopper City, with uptown New Orleans being the heart of the violence.

What is better vice city or vice city stories?

vice city is better than vice city stories cause vice city was made first and vice city stories is a sick piece of crap remake

Download Punjabi vice city?

download vice city Punjabi vice city

How can you get helocapter in gta vice city?

You need to find you safe house Hyman condo in Downtown,Vercetti Mansion at starfish island,Army base near airport.These are the place where you can find chopper easily.You can find a police chopper in downtown in front of fire station there is a way through the grass that leads you to a staircase to helipad.

Is GTA vice city better than GTA vice city stories?

i would have to say vice city stories because you can swim unlike in vice city you cant. also you can get in planes and in vice city you can only fly helicopters unless you have it on pc.vice city is a GREAT game but vice city stories is better