Can you get a flu shot if you are taking antibiotics?

It is usually OK to get a flu vaccine when using antibiotics; there is no drug interaction problem.

However, if you are taking antibiotics, then you must have a bacterial infection. If your infection is still acute - and you have ongoing symptoms such as a high fever - you may want to consult your health-care professional to be sure that your body will be able to tolerate the immune response needed to create immunity to the virus while you are also fighting an infection by a different type of organism.

Before receiving the injection the person about to give you the vaccine will ask you a series of questions that will include questions about fever or other infection symptoms, ask this clinician if there is any reason you should not have the injection, given your current condition.

It may depend on why you are taking the antibiotics. If you have a current infection, it is usually better to wait until that is cleared up before taking vaccines. But each situation can be different and this is a question that the doctor who prescribed the antibiotics should be asked to know what is right in your case.