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Yes you can get a girl pregnant..if seamen comes out of your penis and into her vagina it can travel up inside her and impregnate her.

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Q: Can you get a girl pregnant if you have intercourse with her but your penis is not hard?
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Is it hard to bum a girl with a circumcised penis?

Not really, since you should never have anal intercourse without using a condom.

How can a girl tell if her boyfriend's penis is completely hard?

You can tell if your man penis is hard by the veins in the penis

Can a small penis make it hard to get pregnant?


When a girl can pregnant?

Sperm from a boy's penis must get inside the girl's vagina during her fertile time of the month. Usually, the penis becomes hard and enters inside the vagina, then the boy's semen, which contains his sperm, ejaculates into the vagina. If the sperm find an egg to fertilize, the girl becomes pregnant with a child. I say usually because the penis doesn't really have to enter inside the vagina to make the girl pregnant. Even a little sperm from the tip of the penis rubbed onto the outside of the vagina could find it's way inside and make the girl pregnant.

If his penis is hard and he rubs on you can you be pregnant?

You're an idiot

How do you have intercourse for the first time?

By putting your penis in a women's vagina and pushing your penis up and down hard and push it harder every time.

Why does your penis get bigger when you have an erection?

Blood enters the chambers in the penis causing it to stretch and grow bigger in readiness for sexual intercourse. The penis needs to be hard and erect to enter the vagina.

If a girl is a virgin is it hard for the man to stick his penis in?


Why do men stick their penis inside girls vagina?

that is how humans have babies. First the male gets aroused and his penis gets erect/hard, making it possible for him to insert his penis in the girl's vagina. Then after some in and out motions, he ejaculates semen (containing sperm) which impregnates the girl, who gets pregnant . . . sometimes.

How do you keep your penis hard while dancing?

have a girl grind on you.

What do you do if a girl touches your penis and you're not hard?

it means your not attracted to her

Why is it so difficult for a males' penis to get on hard?

it shouldn't be hard to get your penis hard. Try rubbing it, jacking off, thinking of sexual desires, having sex, getting a blow job. showing your penis to a girl. stripping.

How do you insert your penis into a girl?

once it gets hard, stick into her vagina.

How long does your penis have to be when its hard for a girl to feel it?

very long ;D

Why do boys penis arise when they see a sexiest girl?

They get.. excited and hard.

Can you become pregnant if you are virgin and you and your boyfriend were not having any clothes on and rubbing vagina and penis but penis did not get hard enough to insert vagina?


What is the meaning of the song push it by salt and pepper?

It's about having sexual intercourse- a girl is encouraging her lover to push his penis into her as hard as he can. Several of salt n' Pepa's songs are thinly veiled allusions to having sex.

What happens if you rub your penis a lot?

Blood rushes into the penis, making it hard and stiff. This is to prepare it for sexual intercourse where the penis is used to deliver semen into the woman. YOU'RE A PERVERT THAT'S WUT. -Josue. ;D

If girls vagina is not wet does it mean she is pregnant?

not really its probably because she not horny and when a girl does get roused up her cliteris is hard just the same way as a boy's penis is hard and then juices start to flow in her vagina and then her vagina is wet.

How do you give a girl a bolwjob?

It's kind of hard since she doesn't have a penis.

Can you get pregnant if a guy rubs his penis on your vagina and your a virgin?

There is a small chance that a female can get pregnant due to the fact that a male has precum when he gets a hard-on.

Can you get pregnant if you touch a guys penis with a little pre-ejaculate fluid then you wash it off with water?

This is all dependent on what you mean by touching the penis. If the penis did not have any contact with the vagina then it would be very very hard for a woman to get pregnant. If the penis had contact with the vagina well then of course it could be possible. You must always take precautions.

How do you use this gel on penis?

Before performing sexual intercourse, put the gel around your penis for prolong erection. Some ointment or gel descibe to the label for how many minutes to start the full penis erection. Hard and full erection can give sex satisfaction to a woman.

Penis doesn't go all the way in does that mean im pregnant?

Yeah, home skillet, you're pregnant. Unless you're simply not trying hard enough.

Can a woman get pregnant if a man don't get hard?

If the man ejaculates during vaginal intercourse, whether or not he's erect, there's a chance of pregnancy.

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