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Can you get a job as a security guard if you have no driver's license?


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Security Guard Jobs Without a Driver's License

No, you will have a hard time getting a security guard job if you have no driver's license.

While you may still have means of getting to work, virtually ANY kind of law enforcement-related duty will almost ALWAYS require you to possess this simple credential.

The reason for this is they expect for you to be able to accept assignments involving use of a motor vehicle such as post checks or response of burglary alarms.

Furthermore, employers today who see applicants over 21 submitting applications accompanied by state IDs or permits will most likely form a (poorly thought out) negative conclusion that the candidate probably has too many personal problems to be taken on.

Call it discrimination, but it's reality.

this is not true to a certan extent you can become a security guard w/o a drivers license i know this because im curently a security guard w/o one but you will need one if you wish to advance to a higher position such as a patrol guard.