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Can you get a murkrow on Pokemon Pearl?

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sorry, you can only get it from diamond.

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Is there another way to catch murcrow in pearl?

You can't catch Murkrow in Pearl. Murkrow is a Diamond-only Pokemon. Just like Misdreavus is a Pearl-only Pokemon.

What Pokemon can you get on diamond that you cant get on pearl?


Where can you get a Murkrow in Pokemon Pearl?

Either trade but u can't catch it in pokemon pearl

Where to see Murkrow in pearl?

You cannot see Murkrow in Pokemon Pearl. You must get one from the GTS, trade with someone with Pokemon Diamond, or migrate it from a GBA game.

Which Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon diamond that you can't in pearl?

diagla and murkrow

Where is murkrow in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't, Murkrow is only found in Pokemon Diamond in Eterna Forest or Lost Tower at night.

How do you catch murkrow on Pokemon Pearl?

Murkrow actually isn't in Pokemon Pearl(unless you hack the game) so your best bet is to find someone with Diamond and trade.

How do you get murkrow in Pokemon Pearl?

You only can get a Murkrow in Pokemon Diamond, you need to go to Eterna Forest and catch one. Hope I helped.

If you send a murkrow from Pokemon sapphire to diamond or pearl would it evolve into its new form after you have trained it more?

Only for Pearl Because the evolved form of murkrow is exclusive to pearl

Can you get a murkrow in Pokemon pearl?

you have to listen to prof. oaks radio show and he will say there are a bunch of murkrow at a certain route

How do you evolve murkow in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot evolve a Murkrow in Pokemon FireRed. Murkrow can only be evolved in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum versions with a dusk stone.

What Pokemon are in the lost tower?

Gastly and Misdreavus on pearl. Gastly and Murkrow on Diamond.

Can you get murkrow in pearl?

yes you can but later in the game when you pokemon are around level 30

How do you get honchoch in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Trade a Murkrow with a friend and then trade back. Murkrow can be found out-side the Pokemon cemetery near Solacion town, but only at night.

Where do you get a murkrow in Pokemon Platinum?

Murkrow - available only in Pokemon diamond Midreavus - available only in Pokemon pearl Glameow - available only in Pokemon Pearl Stunky - available only in Pokemon Diamond About Platinum? Those 4 are not available in platinum :/// Trade it over or cheats -PokeHelpThatsMe

Is it possible to get a murkrow in Pokemon Pearl?

Maybe, if you pal park one from Fire Red. THERE ARE NO +++++++ MURKROW IN FIRERED OR LEAFGREEN OR RUBY OR SAPPHIRE OR EMRALD!!!!!!

What POKeMON evolves from the dusk stone in Pokemon Pearl?

The Dusk stone will evolve Murkrow into Honchkrow and Misdreavus into Mismagius.

What Pokemon does a dusk stone evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

The Dusk stone will evolve Murkrow into Honchkrow and Misdreavus into Mismagius.

What is a dusk stone for in Pokemon Diamond?

It can evolve Pokemon. Here is a list of what it can evolve: Misdreavus---> Mismagius Murkrow---> Honchkrow If your going to get Pokemon diamond/pearl,please beware of the type of Pokemon you can find.For Example,Murkrow can only be found in Diamond,not Pearl or Glamow can be found on Pearl but not on Diamond,But what i mean is there's only 2 Pokemon (In Diamond/Pearl) that can be found on each game. Here's the list: Murkrow---> Honchkrow (Diamond) Stunky---> Stunktank (Diamond) Misdreavus---> Mismagius (Pearl) Glamow---> Purugly (Pearl)..... But 1 other thing,only 1 Pokemon (In each game) can be used with dusk stone,so pick WISELY....

What Pokemon uses a dusk stone on pearl?

In Pokemon pearl, misdreveaus evolves into mismagius with a dusk stone. In diamond, murkrow evolves into honchkrow with a dusk stone.

Which trainers in Pokemon Pearl have a murkrow?

you cant get a murk row on Pokemon pearl but you can in Pokemon diamond. instead, pearl gets misdreavous, but if you want a murk row and you only have pearl then find a friend who has diamond and ask if they can catch one and trade it with you.

What does a dusk stone evolve in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, it evolves Murkrow into Honchkrow and Misdreavus into Mismagius.

How do you Evolve misdrevus on Pokemon pearl?

Give it a dusk stone Murkrow eveolves the same way

What do you do with a dusk stone on Pokemon pearl?

You use a dusk stone on a Murkrow or Misdreavus to evolve to a Mismagius

How do you get a murkrow in Pokemon plantnum?

you go to enterna forest a night and go in the grass it should be there or if you cant wait trade from diamond (note that you cant get murkrow in pearl)