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* It depends on the person but most peoples noses are stable enough for surgery at 13/14. First you need to talk to your GP about it, he/she will tell you if you are ready. If they feel that you are mature enough to make this decision) they will then refer you to a surgeon. Some surgeons do prefer not to operate on such young people however. You just have to choose the right one. I know this is what happens, because i have just been to my GP/doctor and have received a referral I have just turned 16.

* You can get a nose job at 15 but remember your nose is still growing.

* You can always try a nosehuggie, which is suppose to make your nose smaller in 2 weeks.

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What is the Youngest age possible to get a nose job?

the lowest age possible to get a nose job is 18 years.

Can you get a nose job a 14?

No, most likely they won't let you. Most plastic surgeons want to wait until your nose is fully developed and stops growing, which is about at the age of 15 or 16.

Can you be 14 to have a nose job?

there is no age limit to get a nose job, most doctors recomend age 16 though due to the fact that your body should be done growing when you recieve the nose job. There are a few risks you will have if you get a nose job before you are done growing. But as long as you are done growing, you may certainlly get one at age 14. I know a girl at my school who got one before she went into high school and she has only recieved benifits from it at age 14. I would though take a few therapy one-on-ones before you get it , just to make sure you are responsible enough to get one and you know you are making the right choice. Best of luck with you surgery! Im considering getting one next year, so dont worry about getting it too young.

What is the legal age for a nose job?

There's no such legal age for nose job, but competetive surgeons will not allow surgery for patients which are not fully grown up. The reason for this is when your body still grows, nose will alter and might ruin all the cosmetic surgery work. The recommended age ussually for girls is 15-16 and boys 17-18 years.

What happends to you nose job when you age?

noses and ears keep on growing throughout one's lifetime. That is why you see so many old people with huge ears...

When did Owen Wilson get a nose job?

Owen Wilson does not have a nose job. He still has a "bump" in his nose which resulted in him breaking it twice as a teenager. Wilson has been quoted as saying that he does not interested in plastic surgery.

Why is it unhealthy to get a nose job at age 15?

cause at your age something could go wrong or you could die, so hold off for a couple more years. The truth of the matter is, you haven't finished growing yet. I have a Goddaughter that waited until she was 17 and she had quite a hooked nose and when she turned 17 she had a nose job. She looked great and all went well. If you find a good plastic surgeon when you are 17 there is no reason you should have any complications.

If your are a boxer and have big nose is this dangerous and if you get a nose job are you still able to box?

It would be pointless having a nose job and then continuing to box. The whole point of a nose job is to reshape the nose, but whats the point when theres a high risk of it disfiguring again due to boxing. My suggestion is to wait until your boxing career is over and then persue a nose job else it would just be a waist of money.

Can you get a job in Minnesota at age 13?

You cant get a job your still a sperm

What Age Does Your Nose Take On It's Definitive Shape?

THE CONSUMER; How Young Is Too Young to Have a Nose Job and Breast Implants?Surgeons used to wait until patients reached age 17 or 18 before reshaping a nose for fear that if they did it any younger, the child's nose would keep growing and end up in an odd shape. But they have found that nose growth ends earlier, and now do nose jobs, known as rhinoplasty, on girls at age 13 and boys at 14. A child would be unlikely to want surgery much earlier than that, Dr. Fodor said, because nose abnormalities do not show up until age 10 or 11.

What are the risks if you are 15 and really want a nose job and are you allowed to get one?

Insurance will not pay for a nose job unless it is medically necessary. And at age 15, your parents would have to agree to the procedure.

Why does your nose job still hurt 5 years later It seems to be tender or infected is draining the nose an option?

See a doctor.

Did Cheryl Cole have a nose job?

No she has not had a nose job done.

Did Natalie Portman have a nose job?

No, she has never had a nose job.

Did Zendaya Coleman have a nose job?

no zendaya then have a nose job

Can you get a nose job at age 16?

You would need to have parental consent to get a nose job at 16, but otherwise (assuming that there are no other medical or psychological reasons that a doctor might not do it) you should be able to get it done.

Katie price nose job?

yes she had a nose job in L.A.

Does Zayn Malik have a nose job?

No, he hasn't gotten a nose job

How long after a nose job do your nostrils feel blocked for?

i had a nose job last September to clear my airways and to have my nose straightened. my nose still feels blocked in a morning but once i have blown it it is fine. alot better than before my operation. but it usually clears upto 6 weeks after the operation. i had a nose job last September to clear my airways and to have my nose straightened. my nose still feels blocked in a morning but once i have blown it it is fine. alot better than before my operation. but it usually clears upto 6 weeks after the operation.

Does a nose job weaken the nose?


Zac Efron had a nose Job?

he might have got a nose job. but his nose doesn't look bad

How much does a nose job usually cost?

The average cost of a nose job is approximately $4,545. Another term for nose job is rhinoplasty.

Did Zac Efron have a nose job?

Yes, Zac Efron has had a nose job.

Did ladygaga get a nose job?

No,she did not get a nose job!But,she is looking forward to plastic surgery!

Did Justin Bieber have a nose job?

No. Justin Bieber never had a nose job

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