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Q: Can you get a production date for a Winchester M1 Carbine 5690943?
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How do you find the production date of a Winchester M1 Carbine?

By comparing the serial number on the receiver to published charts.

What is manufacture date of Winchester carbine 5629931?

If your question pertains to the Winchester model 1894?Then with the serial number that you have supplied,indicates that your Winchester carbine was made in the year 1991.

What date was Winchester carbine 5591000 made?

If you have a model 1894 winchester?,it was made in 1989.

Who and what is manufacture date M1 carbine?

The manufacture date is when the rifle was made.

Where can you find the difference in the grades of a Winchester model 70 308 carbine?

That would all depend on when your Winchester model 70 carbine was made.By determining this we would be able to see what type of grades were offered at the time of your rifles production.If you include your serial number,I would be able to date your model 70 carbine and see what grades were available at the time of production.

What is the manfacture date of the Winchester Model 190 22 Semi-Automatic Carbine rifle serial number B1937918?

The Winchester model 190 was made from 1974-1980.I believe that Winchester did not keep records of the model 190 by serial number to the year of production.

What is the manufacture date for Winchester carbine model 94 serial number 1691430?


What is the date of manufacture of a Winchester M1 carbine serial number 5660025?

Between February and November 1944.

What is the manufacturing date of Winchester m1 carbine with serial no 6519673?

between November 1944 and January 1945.

How can you find the date made on a Winchester buffalo bill commemorative edition serial?

The Winchester Buffalo Bill Commemorative rifle,or carbine were made in the year 1968.

Manufacture date of Winchester M1 Carbine 1126770?

The most precise answer is between September 1942 and February 1944.

What was the manufacture date of Model 94 Winchester carbine serial number 3965279?

1896 woot good year.

How can you find the date of manufacture for a Winchester 1894 carbine serial number 324980?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is the production date of Winchester Model 97 shotgun with serial number 1004752?

Your Winchester model 1897 was made by Winchester in 1955.

Production date for Iver Johnson m1 carbine AA 03304?

you need to give the whole serial number.

What is a fair value for a Winchester 94 30-30cal Carbine?

If you could supply the serial number so I may date the manufacture of your rifle,Then I could give you a reasonable value for your winchester model 1894.

Who manufactured a us carbine cal 30 m1 serial number 1275132 and what was the date?

Winchester. They made the gun between September 1942 and February 1944.

What is the date of manufacture of winchester model 70 serial number g2447616?

I would place your Winchester model 70 rifles year of production at 1999-2000.

Where is the production date located on your Winchester model1300?

There are no production date numbers on a firearm.You will have to take the serial number and contact Winchesters customer service dept to get the year of manufacture of your model 1300 shotgun.

What is the mfg date of a Winchester model 190 ser b1564xxxx?

Winchester did not keep records of the year of production by serial number of its model 190.I can say that the Winchester model 190 was made from 1974-1980.

Where in Brisbane Australia do you get a Winchester mod 82.32wcf rifle made on 14 october 1884?

I would like to start with the fact that Winchester never made a model 82 rifle,or shotgun for that matter.I would also like to say that Winchester was producing the model 1873 rifle,and the Winchester model 1876 model rifle during the date of 14 October,1884.The model 1866 was also produced at this time in history.All 3 model of rifles were not chambered in 32WCF during this time.The only rifle chambered in 32.20 was the Winchester model 1873 carbine third model.this carbine was not chambered in 32-20 Winchester until after the date you listed.Could you be talking about a Winchester model 92(1892) rifle?The only problem with this is the Winchester model 1892 rifle was not produced until 1892,8 years after the date you mention.Please check your facts and dates for accuracy and repost your Question.

How do you date a Winchester 22 by serial number?

To date a Winchester you must include the model number and the serial number.I can date your Winchester for you,if you include your info.

What was the manufacture date ofa Winchester Model 94 serial number 2059193 and what is its approximate value?

Winchester Model 94 Carbine serial number 2059193 was manufactured in the year 1954. The value will be determined by which cartridge it is cahmebered for, and the graded condition. Bert H.

What is the manufacture date of a Model 74 Winchester 22 long rifle with serial number 59580?

Your Winchester model 74 rifle was made in the second year of production,which was the year 1940.

What is the manufacture date for Winchester mod 190 serial no b856743?

Winchester did not keep records of the model 190 production by year of manufacture.I can say that the model 190 was made from 1974-1980.

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