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where can you get a replacement hood for a vidal sasoon VS292UK1

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Q: Can you get a replacement bonnet for a Vidal Sassoon vs 291 soft bonnet hair dryer?
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Can you get a replacement brush for a Vidal Sassoon 1875 Ionic hair dryer?

styling brush for vidal sassoon 1875W

Vidal sassoon blow dryer 1875 fine comb replacement?

I am looking to replace the fine comb for the Vidal Sassoon hair dryer...

Is a diffuser included with the Vidal Sassoon VS783N3 Hair Dryer?

The Vidal Sassoon hair dryer doesn't come with a diffuser, but it can be bought seperately.

Where can you get or order a replacement comb for the Vidal Sassoon VS540 hair dryer?

contact Helen of Troy (Vidal Sassoon) headquarters in Texas a 915-225-8000 or You may order replacement attachments for calling the Consumer Service Line at 1-800-487-7273.

Where can you get a replacement bonnet for a Conair soft bonnet hair dryer?

You can get a replacement bonnet for the Conair soft bonnet hair dryer by calling Conair, 203-351-9000. Located in Stamford, Connecticut.

Where can you get a replacement bonnet for a vintage general electric soft bonnet hair dryer?

I have the GE Model HD-21/5021-013 Portable hair dryer and would like a replacement bonnet. Is this still available.

Which hair dryer is the best for the price?

I bought the Vidal Sassoon 1875W Dryer at Walmart for less than ten dollars and I have had it for a year. It works great and dries my hair very quickly.

Need replacement part for Carel Soft Bonnet hair dryer?

the cap on my dyer is broken i was wondering do you have the replacement

What hair dryer is most energy efficient?

The most energy efficient hair dryer is the Vidal Sassoon Ecostyle. It is made up of not only new plastic but also re-used plastic to help wit recycling, used 35% less energy, and also is very compact so it uses less material!

You bought a hair dryer in 1999 model noVS-540 how can you order a fine and wide tooth comb attachments?

I too would like to know. I called Hair Care and had to spell Vidal Sassoon four times to the "sales rep" because he never heard of it. He told us to buy a new hair dryer. Help appreciated.

What is the psp made up of?

hmm lets see metal, plastic, puppy's, copper, wires, a Vidal Sassoon hair dryer, mother board, chips, peanut butter, paint, and one big dipper. OK maybe not the puppy's but everything else is set in stone.

What are some top professional salon hair dryer brands?

A few are the Super Solano, the BaBylissPro, Vidal Sassoon, Revlon, Rusk CTC, Bespoke Lab, and Conair. Another set of hair dryers include the Chi, the T3, as well as the STNY (the Salon Tech), Sedu and finally there is the Solia.

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