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No, that will not cause a sinus infection.

Well, it isn't exactly that simple.....if it is an upper tooth and that tooth's roots rest right up against the maxilary sinus - like it does in many people - a deep cavity can irritate the nerve and the sinus will also become irritated. In the case of an extraction, there is a definite link between teeth and sinus infections. So, never say never.

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Q: Can you get a sinus infection from having a cavity filled or from the numbing agent?
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Is it normal to have a bruise on your cheek after having a cavity filled?

no it isnot

Can you return to work after having a cavity filled?

After having a cavity filled you're most likely to be experiencing numbness. You may not be able to speak for a while. But if numbness has gone away you should feel fine.

How do you spell abscessed?

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Can you get an ear or sinus infection from a tooth that had a cavity filled?

No. But if the nerve in the filled tooth died after having the filling placed it could cause pain that could mimic a sinus or ear infection. A new filling that is "high" in your bite could also cause sensitivity to biting or cold in a short period of time.

Is there any way of getting rid of cavity be sides of getting a filling?

You can get rid of a cavity by having the tooth pulled. If you want to keep it, you have to have it filled.

How much does it cost to get a cavity filled?

The cost of having a cavity filled depends on the charge of the dentist. The charge also depends on the person. Some people may develop infections or need another procedure done in relation to the cavity filling increasing the charge.

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How long after having a cavity filled can you drink water?

Dentists make sure that the filling is cured before you leave their office. So, you could drink water as soon as your appointment is over.

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