Sinus Infections

A sinus infection or sinusitis is the swelling of the sinuses and nasal canals. The infection may be acute (persists for not more than four weeks), chronic (8 weeks or more) or subacute (going on for four to eight weeks).

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Sinus Infections

What causes bumps on the back of your tongue?

The tongue has lots of small spots on it for taste and sensation. They are not usually very noticeable. If spots are an unusual color, cause irritation, or other symptoms accompany them, they can be the sign of a health problem.

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Sinus Infections

What does it mean when you see blood while blowing your nose?

that your having a nose bleed.

if you get one:

hold a Kleenex up to your nose, while pinching the uppermost portion of you nose , and holding you head down.
If you are not bleeding a lot, it can be from cold air, dry heat in the house. I live in British Columbia where we can have rain and damp, then have freezing weather and the next day it's warm. Even the furnace being on in the house is drying. Look at your skin and if it looks dry, you bet your nose is dry. Even air conditioning can do it to you. You can use a little KY Jelly or vasoline inside your noise to keep it moist. As long as you are not bleeding profusely then there is nothing to worry about. If you've been blowing your nose often you've probably just given yourself a nosebleed by rupturing the blood vessels at the back of your nose. It's no big deal. It heals on its own. There are nose drops specially suited for this condition. Also saline nose spray can help. Try drinking more water and blowing your nose less. Everytime you blow your nose, you can be breaking up your clots. Give your nose time to heal, about a week. == ==

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Sinus Infections

What precautions does a sinus endoscopy need?

Insertion of the Endoscope may cause a gag reflex and some discomfort, however, no special precautions are required to prepare for nasal endoscopy.

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Yellow mucus turning hard in sinus?

I think it's actually ear wax....I had an ear infection and sinus infection...somebody told me to use mix of hydrogen peroxide and olive oil in ear and all this stuff came out of my ear through my nose....I did this for about a week and I feel so good after months of having one blocked sinus and clogged ear...the two go together because when you blow hard the pressure builds us in the ear and the wax stays me this works! I was on antiobiotics three different times and it just made it worse. Besides if you try's all natural and it can't hurt.

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What causes numbness on your head?

  • I'm actually 15 and my entire head is numb right now, i have no neck problems or anything that my doctor and i know of. I can feel when something's touching my ears, but i have no idea if it hurts or not. there will be some brief periods during the week when i can suddenly feel things around my head. i wake up at 4:00-4:30 every day. i hate my german teacher:), and i have a 6 page paper due in 12 hours and im screwed. Hope i helped
  • Numbness on your head may be caused by twisting the neck while the body is flat on its back. This position is achieved most often while asleep; the head lolls to the side with the face facing the left shoulder, or when attempting to watch television in the same position. Blood is not allowed to flow through the neck's artery causing the numbness. The numbness generally goes away when the body is righted, that is, one trains themselves to sleep on their backs with the head in alignment, or the entire body is twisted to face the television when in a lying position. Numbness may also occur when the head rests upon the arm near the temple, but does not occur if the cheek, for example, rests on the same arm. The numbness generally happens within 10 to 15 minutes and the entire right side of the head at the top is without feeling until circulation improves. Circulation is achieved within 5 minutes.
  • I am a 24 years old male and it has been many years since my head started getting numb sometimes. I usually get it when I am under a lot of stress and or I fear of something bad going to happen. Mostly it lasts for days but sometimes it goes away in a few hours. And each time my head gets numb I think I have a tumor or something and then it makes it even worse till I see a doctor about it, and be told that its only the anxiety.
  • I also suffer from head numbness but it did not start till my car accident 6 years ago. Ever since then, every now and then I get the numbness and the doctors keep telling me it's a migraine What's Going On????? I went to several different doctors and they just don't get it it's not a migraine I can feel it.
  • I am a 23 year old male and I frequently experience numbness and tingling in my head, specifically near the back and on the right. It also causes a flight numbness or ache in my right ear. I sincerely worry this is a problem related to cell phone use as I've stupidly had one since I was 11. It seems to get worse when I think about it thought which makes me think I'm just being a hypochondriac, but there are other times I notice it out of no where. It's very weird that there are so many young people around my age with this problem.............
  • I GET THE SAME THINGS. i was cutting hair and i had to leave my client because i thought i was about to have a stroke, I'm only 24 years old... i had to get another girl to finish my hair cut as my forehead temple and cheek were all tight and numb feeling went to the doctor and she was like its a migraine. i have migraines a lot and i said no that's not what it is she says its called a Ora migraine. I'm going to look it up however i am still scared for tumors or brain cancer... and same thing as you i was in a car accident and it never happened before that....sometimes the back of my head goes numb and the center of my spine too... always on the left side i am booked in with a nuerologist!!!
  • Dude this is freakin' weird! I AM 24 ALSO and have the same problem with the numbness!!! Though I was not in a car accident I woke up one morning and my whole head was numb and I could feel the blood rushing back to it as I got up but tingling and pain was still there for the rest of the day! Then I figured it was me cutting off my circulation while I slept until it started randomly happening during the day and other random times! It never stopped and even as I type this my the whole back of my head is about to be numb now. . . THIS SUCKS AZZ!!! I have always had problems with my scalp cause it is tender in the center and ridiculously painful sometimes (sensitive) hair dressers call it acute tender head-a- something or other but the numbness is new and gotta go!!! I thinking Im about to have a stroke or heart attack or something!!! What the hell are we supposed to do?

I am a 24 year old female and am shocked to discover there are other people the same age with the same problem with numbness and tingling of the head. I too get anxious when I have symptoms of any sort and it took me a while to gather the nerve to even look up what might be the cause of the symptoms. I too was in a car accident when I was nineteen and suffered whip lash, but only recently started experiencing these symptoms. I am relieved to hear that what I am experiencing might be less severe then a brain hemorrhage or cancer. I really scared of going to the doctor. Please keep updating your posts about what the doctors say so I can also know what might be wrong with me.

How weird, I am also 24 and a hair stylist. I suffer from migraines, neck & shoulder pain from my job etc. For the first time today the back of my head went numb and very cold feeling, which to me was a bit strange. I have had a pretty medium headache all day today. I went home and went to bed and somewhat later my head started going numb and down my back in the middle around my spine with the cold feeling again. Prehaps my spine is out and pinching on some nerves??I have not been in a car accident before but have slipped and fallen straight onto my back hitting my head on wooden floor receiving whiplash then.

Finding a Neurologist and requesting a mri and a having your brain scanned will be the best thing you could do. Upon you getting that done, ask the doctor if they can look for Chiari 1 Malformation. More information on that you can find on:

You never want to assume or diagnose yourself.

Well folkes I am pushing 50 know and had this cold head for many years ,stayed away from dinning rooms that are air condintioned etc.

I wear a ball cap ever day and a bed cap every night to bed.

Been to a few Doctors.They believe I frozze my head to many times working up north. Not !

There is hope. It is mostly in the neck . Chiropractors helped some .

But what realy helped me is taking 2 Calcium pills 500mg each before bed time.

It took about 2 weeks to notice a diffence.

Must be because we have not been drinking enough milk ,more pop and beer etc.

Joints are working better ,maybe allowing more blood flow to the scalp now.

Still wear a cap in cool days,just don't need a hot shower or use of a hiar dryer in the morning.

Sinus Infections

Does sinus infection cause fatigue?

Yes, Fatigue is the cause of sinus infection. Dr. James A. Duncavage "professor of Otolaryngology" said that in chronic sinus disease, the most common symptom he has observed is that patients have fatigue.

Sinus Infections

How do you feel better when you have a sinus infection?

A hot shower is claimed to be a great way to relieve a sinus infection. Also, if you are in a very dry location, humidifiers can offer some relief. There are also many over the counter medications designed to relieve the symptoms of a sinus infection. Making a trip to the doctor is a good idea, too. If the infection is bacterial as opposed to viral, an antibiotic will bring quick relief. This, however, needs to be determined by a doctor.

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How do you remedy a nose that is always blocked with dry mucous and when cleared is still very hard to breathe through?

A pre-longed nose block usually happens when there's something like a tumour blocking the inner nostrils or when the inner nostril membranes swell up.

Check with an ENT Specialist. Ask him to check the inner nose, which he should do with a endoscope like instrument (a thin cord with a light and camera to see what's happening inside). This should be done to find out if there's any Cancerious tumour blocking the nose. Do not worry as it's not a very big deal and curable.

The nose block could be for several reasons, but I'm answering the pre-longed nose block conditions.

In case of swelling up of the inner nostrils, the Doctor should give you some pills to reduce the swelling and probably some for associated headache. He should also give you a long term Nasal drop/Spray/Puff for relief.

It is very important to remember that this condition is curable without a surgery, if not by pills, then homeopathically. DO NOT LOOSE HOPE, AND DO NOT BE SAD. But do consult a specialist Doctor. Peace!

Sinus Infections

Can you treat a sinus infection with clindamycin?

Yes you can. Follow your doctor's dosage.

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If someone has swelling of one ear and that side of his face is also very rough what kind of allergy is this and what should he do?

Do you sleep on that side? It could possibly be a contact dermatitis since only on one side. If so, try changing your detergent used in washing your pillowcase. Do you use down pillows and are possibly allergic? Sometimes hydrocortisone 1% cream is used, but if your ear is swollen a doctor may recommend you take some benadryl which you could get over the counter. Hope you find an answer to this. God bless, Cathy

Sinus Infections

Can sinus pressure be in the top of your head?

Yes it can because your nasal cavity goes up

Sinus Infections

Is oral surgery safe with sinus infection?

That has to be decided by your doctor. In most cases they do not like to operate while the patient has a sinus infection but it also depends on your age, the severity of the infection, how necessary the surgery is, and your overall health.

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What causes pressure or hearing your heartbeat in your ears?

It's possible that you have high blood pressure. Make sure to have it taken.

AnswerWax build-up can cause this and you should have your doctor clean out your ears anyway. Tinnitus is also another cause. Sometimes it's the way you may sleep on your pillow (pressing your head down on the pillow during sleep without being in REM sleep. Sinus infection can do this. Having the flu or a cold. High blood pressure.

Most of us on occasion can hear our heart beat during the night when things are very quiet. Most of us ignore it during the day, but it's there always. I suggest you see your doctor to check out your ears and possibly do a few other tests should he/she feel the need. Don't sit and worry about it because I'm sure it's nothing serious. I've heard my heart beat as I lay down on occasion and what I do is prop my pillow up or put an arm under my head and it goes away.


i have also been hearing heart beat noises in my ear, beat sounds has been happening for over a week, i have tryed everything that i have read on the internet but nothing been working such as putting pressure behind the ear that made the beats stop for about 10sec. then i found the solution to stop this sound. it is a Indian remedy but please check that you are not allergic to garlic and mustard oil. Put two pieces of garlic in a pan and then pure some of mustard oil in the pan and heat it till it turns black. Allow it to cool right down and put 2-3 drops to the side of ear. puts the drops in your ear for 2-4 days and the heartbeats sound will stop.

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What are the most common sources of infection?

Usually disease can be contracted through air or fluids. Through human to human it is more often airborne than fluid borne.

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Why is there blood when you blow your nose?

sinus infection

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Can an abscessed tooth cause sinus problems?

Definitely - specifically and upper wisdom tooth. Often the roots of wisdom teeth run into the sinus cavity and even some of the upper molars. If the tooth is abscessed and infected, it can cause serious problems. Infections in the mouth runs two ways, to the heart or to the brain. Always, get an abscessed tooth treated immediately.

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Can allergies make your ears ring?


Sinus Infections

Is saline spray good to stop a sinus infection?

A Sinus infection needs to be treated by a doctor because an antibiotic is usually perscribed. However, the saline solution is great to help with the symptoms, and will give some releif to help sooth the discomfort in the nose and in the throat.

Sinus Infections

Can a sinus infection cause cold sores?

No, it cannot cause cold sores. But it can cause ulcers in your throat.

Sinus Infections

Can you smell your own sinus infection?

Believe it or not yes you can at times depending on how bad the infection is. Generally blowing the nose will cause green/yellow mucus and that's one sure sign you have a sinus infection so please see your doctor.

Sinus Infections

If you have an ear and sinus infection is it okay to have a cavity filled?

Yes, it's safe, but be sure to tell the dentist anyway. They will want to know, especially if you are on medications.

Yes it is ok to fill your cavity. Unless your have an acute infection and your doctor told you to stay in bed, then you can postpone your appointment. But if you can function there is no problem in treating your cavity.

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Can sinus pressure cause numbness in the face?

Yes because it is the pressure that causes it


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