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Ear infection (otitis) is manifested by the swelling of the ear. There are three kinds of ear infection: external otitis (affects the ear canal and the outer ear), otitis interna (the inner ear), and otitis media (the middle ear).

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Is my dizziness the result of ear infections or dental infections?

Answer common. Make sure you see a doctor, just to be sure. If it is an ear infection Your dizziness could be caused by an ear infection, but if it is a dental problem, it is probably inflammation of the TMJ bone in your skull. I have TMJ problems myself, and I sometimes get dizzy, have pain that feels like it is inside my ear, and get headaches and jaw aches from time to time. Either way, you should go to...
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Painful hard lump behind ear which hurts when you touch it should you be worried?

It probably is a swollen lymph node, which could be from a range of things. If you have a thyroid problem it could be from that, it could just be an infection and it could just be allergies as well. Here are some of the things that the swollen lymph node could be from: common cold infection hyperactive thyroid / thyroid disease lymphoma [ tumor in the lymph node] gingivitis viruses mononucleosis tonsillitis Hodgkin's disease Leukemia Tuberculosis Sarcoidosis Toxoplasmosis Secondary syphilis Yaws Cat scratch fever/allergies Lymphatic obstruction [ Those are just some of the reasons they could be] I...
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Can ear infections make you deaf?

Some types of hearing loss can be caused by problems which may be treated medically, such as ear infections or a perforated ear-drum. These types of loss can often improve. So the Chance of being deaf due to ear infection is small. Deafness due to ear infections is extrememly rare. But there is a slight risk. Most likely what happens with people is the ear goes deaf for a few days or even more rarely weeks. ...
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Can a dog get an ear infection from a human?

No a dog can't get a ar infection from a human. Humans can't catch ear infections from other humans either because ear infections are from yeast. Yeast forms when you have a moist warm environment so basily dogs ears. Yeast is like a bacteria of fungi. ...
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Can braces cause you to have ear pressure problems and lose hearing in one ear?

I've had braces for almost 2 years now, and I've never had this happen to me, nor have I heard of anyone else who had ear pressure problems resulting from their braces. here is a of a case of 11-year old Holly Ulrich of Minnesota. Holly, an apparently healthy girl, had a simple impacted bicuspid, so an orthodontist applied stainless steel braces. On July 13 the top braces were installed. Shortly after these upper braces were installed, Holly complained of a pain...
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Is a lump below your ear that lances cancerous?

unlikely, more likely to be a cyst, or tracking from a benign problem such as a pleomorphic adenoma. See your GP and get some antibiotics first.malign growths normally don't leak, and spread like a cauliflower type manifestation. ...
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Can gum disease cause ear infection?

That has to be some very big infection if it would spread like that. If you are referring to pain in the ears because you have a gum infection it's very common. Toothache can hurt the entire jaw and ear. Along the jaw is a very big nerve and as you know the jaw leads up to the ear. Take care of the infection and you'll see the ear will be fine. ...
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Should you be concerned about a bony fixed lump on one side behind the ear which is painful to touch?

This is probably a swollen occipital lymph node. It is usually a sign of infection elsewhere in the body and occurs when your immune system is trying to fight the infection. Although it seems bony it isn't actually bone, it is just the abnormal swelling which makes it feel like this. Try putting "occipital lymph node" into a search engine for more information. See your doctor to make sure it is nothing serious, if it doesn't go down within a few...
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How to make an ear infection feel better at home?

A hot water bottle wrapped in a soft cloth or under your pillow case will help. Warmth to the ear canal often soothes, try a small amount of heat rub like Tiger balm or A535 just under the ear and down under the jawline (not too much) The warmth radiates into the ear canal and settles things down. Another simple remedy for an ear infection has worked for us and our children every time: one drop of garlic oil/clear garlic juice in...
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What could a lump be on the side of your head in front of your ear that is not hard and seems to move?

I had a lump that sounds similar to the one you described in front of my right ear. It was just a swollen lymph node. My general practitioner was able to remove it without any problems. Answer I have a small lump right in front of my tragus, sounds similar to what you are describing. I have just gotten over a cold so it would make sense if it was a swolen lymph node, but have read several things on the internet...
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If you have a drilling-like sound in your right ear no fever no recent blow to the head or ears what could be wrong?

If it is constant, it could be tinnitus. I do not believe that there is a cure currently Have you been exposed to constant loud noise in a work environment and have you noticed symptoms of hearing loss. If so you could have noise induced hearing loss - and the drilling or buzzing like sound is tinnitus which goes hand in hand with hearing loss. ...
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What might cause a pea-sized solid lump to appear in the crease behind your ear overnight?

More than likely it is an extra piece of cartilage. An insect bite is a possibility. Also an answer: any number of things can cause that, could also be an allergic reaction to something. You didn't say whether it was painful or not. Best to seek medical care if it lingers and does not go away. ...
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What do you do for ear pain and muffled hearing caused by itchy ear in the middle of the night?

In the middle of the night I work up with my ear itching. After pushing a million times on the cartilage covering the hole to my ear, I awoke in the morning to pain and muffled hearing. As a medical student I took a deep breathe from the crying and the pain and thought about what was occurring. I believe my ear was irritated whether from wax, particles, etc. I irritated the canal as well as the membranes. My ear didn't...
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What causes pressure or hearing your heartbeat in your ears?

It's possible that you have high blood pressure. Make sure to have it taken. Answer Wax build-up can cause this and you should have your doctor clean out your ears anyway. Tinnitus is also another cause. Sometimes it's the way you may sleep on your pillow (pressing your head down on the pillow during sleep without being in REM sleep. Sinus infection can do this. Having the flu or a cold. High blood pressure. Most of us on occasion can hear our heart beat...
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Why is your earlobe swollen red and hot if you have an outer ear infection?

Because that's the infection. The earlobe is part of the outer ear. Once you get that treated it will go away. ...
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How can you get rid of water in your ears?

Do not try these home remedies if you have tubes in your ears or if you have a known hole or other defect in your eardrum. The US National Institutes of Health has the following directions on their website at nih.gov: "For swimmer's ear (unless the eardrum is perforated): Tilt the head sideways, with the water-filled ear up. Pull the ear upward and backward. [Do this by grasping and pulling the top of your outer ear up and toward the back. This helps straighten the...
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Are ear infections contagious?

No, but the cold that sometimes leads to an ear infection is.
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What ages commonly suffer from ear problems?

It is very common for young children to have ear problems, but everyone has them. ...
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Can brewer's yeast in dog food cause a yeast infection in dogs ears?

Sometimes it depends on the type of dog, you would have to talk to your vet or a specialist ...
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How do you make an ear infection feel better?

Usually applying heat helps. So if you have one of those heat packs, boil/put it in the microwave, and place it on your ear. Make sure it's not too hot though. It should go away within 2-3 days, if not, you should probably see a doctor about it, especially if it gets worse. ...
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What are the symptoms of an inner ear infection?

An inner ear infection is viral and would possibly be accompanied after a viral infection such as the flu or measles.Possible fever, sore/painful/itchy ear, swelling, feelings like it goes into your throat, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, temporary loss of hearing, fluid build up, noises in your ear etc. You would be diagnosed and treated upon an examination which is very important. ear hurts constantly itchy fever headaches (sometimes) ...