Can you get a tampon

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No, a tampon cannot get you pregnant, not does it offer any protection against getting pregnant if you have sex while one is inserted.

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2022-03-07 02:49:39
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Q: Can you get a tampon
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What is a ploko?

it is a tampon it is a tampon

What is the population of Le Tampon?

Le Tampon's population is 71,506.

Can you lose your virginaity to a tampon?

No, you cannot lose your virginity to a tampon. Virginity refers to whether or not you have had sex with another person - a tampon isn't another person, and inserting a tampon is not having sex.

Can you see a picture of tampon?

Yes, you can see a picture of a tampon by googling for an image of tampons. You can also see a picture of a tampon on the side of a tampon box. If you were to buy tampons you would be able to see a tampon first-hand too!

What is the result if a teenager uses a tampon early?

There are no health concerns with early tampon use. If a tampon is comfortable, a teenaged girl can use it.

Can a tampon get stuck on its own accord or does it have to be pushed somehow?

A tampon cannot really get stuck at all. A tampon can go no further than your vaginal canal, it can't be pushed any higher than that. As long as you are using a tampon and relaxed upon removal the tampon will come out.

What happens if you insert a tampon with a tampon already inside?

If you already have a tampon inserted and you were to insert another then it may be difficult for you to insert the second tampon. Inserting the second tampon may push the first tampon into your cervix which may result in menstrual cramp type pains. Also of course with two tampons you will be at much greater risk of vaginal infections and toxic shock syndrome.

Can a tampon get stuck inside you?

No, a tampon cannot get stuck inside you. The tampon can go no further than your vaginal canal, as long as you relax it will come out.

Is it normal to remove a tampon and have lots of fluid come out?

Yes, it is normal to see lots of menstrual flow coming out when you remove a tampon. A tampon is literally a plug of absorbent material, although it absorbs a lot of the flow some will collect behind the tampon and as such will leak out when you remove the tampon.

How do you take out the tampon for the first time?

You remove the tampon the first time just like any other time.If the tampon has a string then you relax and pull gently but firmly on the string until the tampon comes out. If the tampon doesn't have a string then you insert clean forefinger and thumb to grab the tampon and pull out. Once removed either wrap-up and dispose of the tampon in the trash.

Is a guys penis bigger than a tampon?

depends on how big the vagina is for the tampon

What is the area of Le Tampon?

The area of Le Tampon is 165.43 square kilometers.

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