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Generally yes, depending on your keloid condition, of course....Many folks keloid as they are getting the tattoo, but it will always heal flush with the skin...Hope this helps

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Um..i have keloids and I'm 18 and you do not have your ears pierced but you want to get a tattoo Is it possible for you to get a tattoo while having keloids?

My sister has keloids. She had a tattoo to cover her keloid. It looks fine.

If you have keloids but you got piercings and none formed can you get a tattoo?

Keloids often form due to the blunt force used by ear piercing guns. Tattoo guns would be unlikely to cause keloids because they just use a needle to distribute the ink in the skin. So, to answer your question, I've never heard of a tattoo gun causing keloids. If you're still unsure, ask your local tattoo parlor and they can give you any information you want to know about tattoos.

How do you get rid of tattoo keloids?

my boyfriend has had a tattoo on his arm for 5 years. The bumps just started a month ago and will not go away. What can he do to remove them or make les visible?

Can you get a tattoo if you are prone to keloids im able to get ear piercings with no problems have 8 piercings but have had surgery on my back and it keloided want a tattoo on my ankle?

A tattoo on your ankle should be fine, but keep in mind it is very possible for one to develop as tattoos are damaging/injuring the skin.

Can you get a tattoo if you have keloid skin?

It would be best to speak to your doctor about it. The best way to avoid keloids is to not get piercings or tattoos. But if you really want one, consult a doctor first.

Does rubbing keloids makes it grow bigger?

Keloids will grow regardless if you rub them or not.

Can keloids be prevented?

There is no completely effective way to treat keloids or to prevent their formation.

Can keloids be cancerous?

No. Keloids are benign (noncancerous), fibrous skin tumours. If it is cancerous, it is not a keloid.

How do you prevent a keloid from a tattoo?

There is nothing that you the client can or need to do to prevent this from happening. A "keloid" in relation to a tattoo simply means that the artist that did the tattoo simply went to deep and scarred you. Keloids are more common and unpredictable when it comes to body piercing, especially surface piercings. The only way to reduce the appearance of them in that respect is to use diluted Tea Tree Oil. This will not work with a tattoo, as I said, because it is irrevocably scarred.

Do keloids have pus?

No. Keloids are tough, fibrous masses on and under the skin that hurt and/or itch and look like an inflamed scar.

How can you get rid of keloids?

Currently, there is no completely effective way to treat keloids. Laser therapy is used to treat keloids. It is often combined with steroid injections to give the best cosmetic result; however, again, there is no guaranteed effectiveness.

Can you get keloids from a lip piercing?

i get keloids bad on my ears but i have had my lip pierced (snake bits) for 7years and havent had any trouble with them yet.....

How do you get rid of keloids faster?

Some things you could put on keloids to get rid of them faster are aloe gel, lemon juice, or onion extract.

Which condition responds to laser treatment?


Are keloids benign or malignant tumors?


How can you get rid of keloids from chickenpox?

The dermatologist may be able to offer treatment for keloids due to chickenpox. There isn't any vitamin or home remedy that will work.

What is the medical definition of keloids?

Keloids are sharply elevated, irregularly shaped, progressively enlarging scars. They are known to happen because of burns or types of radiation injuries.

How can surgeons avoid causing the formation of keloids?

Keloids typically appear following surgery or injury, however scar formation is a natural part of the healing process after injury.

Can you get rid of keloids?

It is possible to reduce the size and improve the appearance of keloids, but treatment is not always successful for all people. Injections of cortisone (a type of steroid) can flatten keloids over time. This form of treatment is very common and safe, but injections must be given monthly until the keloid is flattened. Even if the keloid is flattened, however, the keloid still won't look or feel exactly like the rest of your skin. Revision surgery can be used to remove keloids, but new or bigger keloids may form as a result of surgery. In order to prevent regrowth, surgeons often give injections of cortisone after surgery. Laser treatment is used to flatten keloids and make their color more similar to the surrounding skin. As with cortisone injections, you may need more than one treatment. Pressure bandages or silicone is sometimes worn over keloids for hours, weeks, or months to reduce size, but reduction may take a long time. The size of keloids can also be reduced through freezing (cryotherapy), interferon injections, and radiation. If you know you are prone to developing keloids, you should avoid medically-unnecessary skin surgeries and piercings in order to prevent the development of more keloids.

If you have keliod skin can you get a tragus piercing?

the tragus piercing is done on cartilage and if you know you form keloids you should avoid cartilage piercings because they have a high chance of forming keloids

If you have keloids is it likely that your child will develop one from circumcision?

Hopefully, not.

Is there cure for acne keloid?

Keloids often require no treatment. Keloids may be reduced in size by freezing , external pressure, corticosteroid injections, laser treatments, radiation, or surgical removal.

How do you get rid of belly piercing keloids?

Keloids do not go away. They are caused by scar tissue that doesn't know when to stop. You can have them removed however this will usually cause the scar to come back bigger.

You have keloids on both sides of your ears should you pierce your ears again?

"The Smoking Gun" Check out the related links just below this answer and it should fill in some of your questions about Keloids and Piercing guns.

How do you cure keloid?

There is no cure. There is no completely effective way to treat keloids.

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