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In CA you can. Other states I don't know. In most states you can only get a ticket if you are under the age of 13 and without a bike helmet, but again, this varies between states.

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Most definetely. Not wearing a helmet while riding a bike (either motorized or not) is very dangerous and can easily result in serious, debilatiting injury, if not death.

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Q: Can you get a ticket for not wearing a bike helmet?
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Paying money for not wearing a helmet for bike?

Can happen. Some places have a law stating that you must have a helmet to ride a bike. If you haven't, you might be stopped by the police and given a ticket.

Can you get a ticket at a park for not wearing padding and a helmet on a bike?

Depending where you live.... it is a free country.... well in the U.S.A.

Are bike helmets allowed to wear even if you get a ticket?

You can, under some circumstances, get a ticket for notwearing a helmet - but I can't think of a situation where you would get a ticket for wearing it.

Why doesn't Miley Cyrus get a ticket for riding her bike without a helmet. In California it is ILLEGAL for anyone under the age of 18 NOT wearing a helmet?

Possibly because she's famous?

What sentence to use for helmet?

While I was on my bike I painfully fell off of it although luckily I was wearing my sturdy helmet.

Can i die from wearing a bike helmet?

Highly unlikely. Not wearing one could increase your chances of injury in an accident.

Is wearing a helmet good for riding a bike?

As long as you don't fall off, wearing a helmet or not doesn't matter. But if you should fall off, a helmet offers easy and inexpensive protection against head injuries.

Is wearing a riding hat important?

Yes! Make sure youu always wear a helmet when jumping! Whenever riding, have proper riding helmet, not a bike helmet or anything else!

Will I get a ticket for not wearing a motorcycle helmet?

If there is a mandatory helmet law in your state, you will probably get a ticket if you do not wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle.

Why should you wear helmet when riding to somewhere?

Safety! The helmet will protect your head in case you fall off or get thrown off the horse, much like wearing a helmet on a bike or motorcycle. You should always wear a helmet.

Will you get ticket for not wearing a bicycle helmet?

The law isn't the same all over, so it depends on where you're at and how old you are.

Does the use of a helmet greatly decrease the risk of injury during a bike accident?

Wearing a bicycle helmet can greatly decrease the risk of head trauma. Other injuries on bicycles will not be affected by helmet use. The helmet is there to protect the head.