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No you can not get all 493 Pokemon in just that game... if you want to get all 493 you have to get migrate some of the Pokemon from the previous games like pearl, platinum, emerald and so on... ( not including the GB color games). Some Pokemon, like arceus and celibi, you'll have to go to events in order to get them. For Mew and manaphy you have to get Pokemon ranch (if you have a wii, if you don't... your out of luck)

Yes their sprites look different ^-^


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Use Paintbucket, look it up on youtube.

Look on a website like Look at the 10th post. OR if you want more CURRENT sprites, go here and look halfway down that page ;)

If you have the sprites on your computer, simply get yourself an account at an image-hosting site, like the below site.Wait wheres the siteUnder "Related Links". Look under the answer, and scroll a bit if you have to.

One of the places to get Some pivot weapon sprites is then you look up sprites in the search engine....

Pokemon can look different and have different sizes. Since there are more than 500 Pokemon, you should be more specific.

you have to get a gastly and use mean look

its not a tm or a hm your pokemon hast to learn it

Get a Pokemon that has the move mean look. Mean Look prevents the opponents Pokemon from leaving. Try getting a ghastly

No, they dont look any different.

You can use MS Paint with a Pokemon sprite sheet to mix Pokemon sprites. You can also mix and edit them to the point they look like "Fakemon" YouTube offers a lot of tutorials on how to make Fakemon, but it can be difficult.

look on bulbapedia numbers 152-251 national dex

Trade from other Pokemon gold/silver games to get the other starters. No other ways i know of. Also, look out for the new Heart Gold and Soul Silver on the Nintendo DS coming soon!

go on and look at their pokedex. it will tell you all Pokemon from kanto to Iishu (Pokemon black/white)

no, he is a different game yet he does look like a pokemon!

look here: it might have a action replay code for it

Yes mew two is on soul silver you just need to look in cereleun cave

There are several Action Replay cheat codes which can give you alternate sprites in Pokémon Emerald. For example there is the following code which will make the trainer look like Sudowoodo:9F9797B7 17183CFF2C259107 0BCE58CE2FC96086 B791A632

There is no Pokemon called Arnaca. Do you maybe mean Arceus? there is some game sprites wondering in site heres one y found costed a lot of work

The Pokemon must've used mean look that's probable way you cannot switch Pokemon.

Look for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum in a store. or Look on for Pokemon Red,Blue,Green,Yellow,Gold,Silver,Crystal,Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,FireRed, or LeafGreen

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