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Many telephones these days are equipped with what is called caller ID. A caller ID can usually store about 20 - 100 incoming calls in total. If it is a mobile phone, you should get a report when you receive a bill. If it is a prepaid phone, you will have to refer to your caller ID or pay additionally per month.


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A telephone operator has many duties. He must answer all incoming calls, direct calls to appropriate places, provide enough information to the calling persons, etc.

*67AnswerModern phone service offer a customizable phone system allowing you to limit incoming calls. You can start by creating a preset list of contacts. All numbers not included in your list will be blocked or directed to your voicemail.

It's rare for any phone bill to show incoming calls - the purpose of the bill is to charge you for outgoing calls ! If my bill listed all my incoming calls - the phone company would need a forklift to deliver it !

I would list all of the job duties you did as telephone operator (multi-line phone system, taking messages, transferring calls). Just be sure you list all of duties you performed in this position.

a place where all incoming and outgoing calls are handled

To Block a specific number you need Caller ID Manager (Paid). Visit Privacy Corps' website to know more. However here are following thing that you can do free of charge : Block all incoming calls *35*0000# Block all incoming calls but accept messages only : First dial *35*0000# and then #35*0000*16# Unblock all incoming calls *35*0000# #35*0000# : This unblocks all incoming calls as well as messages together.

Outgoing calls should be itemised on your bill. Incoming calls are not usually listed (because you're not charged to receive calls !) If that's not your number - you have no right to access the calls information !

In some mobiles like in Sony Ericson you get option in profile menu option about answering calls. This normalyy has two options. One is all callers other is only from the list. So u can add some contacts from whom you want to accept the calls. Calls from other callers whose name is not in the list will be blocked.

Telephone calls by inmates from jail are tightly restricted. The number the inmate calls must be on a pre-approved list. While it is possible that the inmate may be allowed to add a toll-free number to his or her pre-approved phone list, the request may be refused, because in many cases inmates are required to call collect, even for local calls, using the jail's chosen telephone carrier. The substantial surcharge added for the collect call subsidizes the cost of the jail's telephone system, and particularly the cost of having a corrections officer listen in on and/or record all telephone calls from the jail.

Settings>Application Settings>Calls>All calls>auto reject>reject list then u will get the reject list................

All VoIP calls are carried over the Internet.

Yes a telephone directory is a telephone book. Which includes listings of all the numbers of people in a certain area. I myself would consider a telephone directory any list or book that includes a list of people and phone numbers that are in a certain area.

Unless you are inlaw enforcement i wouldn't count on it

All incoming and outgoing calls will be listed on the bill. The bill is available either in paper form or on-line at

In the UK you can. The call-barring feature of the phone network allows the owner of the number the following levels of control:- Allow all calls - Bar premium-rate calls - Bar national/international calls - Bar incoming calls or bar alloutgoing calls. However - no matter what level of call-baring is in place - calls to the emergency operator are always allowed.

Make telephone calls. Even though they had normal telephone dials, all calls required the operator to place the call - the average call in the late 60's cost about $10 per call.

Telephone systems today such as the virtual PBX is among the great reinforcement a business could ever have. The features that are included in the system makes it easy for business owner to route calls, screen incoming calls and transmit information or data over online fax services. The Virtual PBX system is also capable of unifying all communication devices so that it would be easy for owners to monitor satellite offices and employees.

You can place you telephone number on the national "do not call" registry. You can also tell them over the phone to place you on their "do not call" list. Once you have done this, they can be fined for each time they continue to call. You can find the national "Do Not Call" registry online or by calling 1-800-555-1212, which is the free 1-800 information line.Unfortunately, there is no "Do Not Call List" for businesses who are bombarded even more than individuals. This bombardment can not only be a nuisance but steal valuable time and resources.AnswerCustomize your answering rule and pre set a list of contacts so that you can limit all incoming calls. Phone calls not included in your pre set list will be directed to your voicemail box.

There is currently no such code. Although some answering machines these days have a "Do Not Disturb" button which immediately picks up the phone and takes a message. I would turn the ringer off on all phones in you house to supply this.

The receptionist of a company is responsible for answering all telephone calls coming into the office. They are also responsible for making sure to direct the calls to the proper person.

Usually, you can go to Calls Sent and Recieved on the main menu of your phone. Then, you go to to sent, and it will list all the calls you have made.

It depends on which mobile company you use. Contact customer service.

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