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Can you get an egg from a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon soul silver?


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No the only exeption is spiritomb only it can lay eggs

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no it is legendary. but in Pokemon heart gold or soul silver you get a giratina or palkia or dialga egg by going with arceus to the alph ruins

Yes, you can get a shiny Pokemon out of an egg on any game.

Deoxys cannot lay eggs, it is a legendary, no legendaries can lay eggs unless of course it was a cheat.

... You can't get an Arceus egg in Pokemon SoulSilver... You can only get Arceus through an event.

No. You must evolve it into a Togetic.

no you can not if else you had like 10 dialga or something it is just not possible

If you have a magmar with you on your team that will help.

it is very hard. you have to get very lucky or use a cheat

After you have defeated or captured HO-OH, the legendary rainbow bird Pokemon, you battle the elite four 5 times. Doing this allows you to receive a riolu Pokemon egg.

The Day Care Man will call you on your Pokegear.

In Soul Silver, the egg Mr Pokemon gives you hatches into a Togepi. If this helped, check out my Youtube Channel, MrFranknsten? Thanks

No, you can only get it by transferring the manaphy egg over to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl from Pokemon Ranger.

you can but you have to have a female legendary and a male legendary

No legendary Pokemon in history can breed. GENDER OR NOT!

You can never get an legendary egg without a ditto. And then it might not work.

It depends on how well the pokemon like each other.

Dialga's can's make eggs, not even with a ditto.

Yes you can but only if you have a Ditto with it too.

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