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you can get banned from xbox live for hacking, cheating, w/e

2006-07-09 12:48:00
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Q: Can you get banned from Halo 2 on Xbox live for using Action Replay customs?
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How do you delete action replay cheats without using the action replay?

You can't.

How do you get awosame Pokemon on peril?

(if you mean pearl) using action replay (if you mean pearl) using action replay

How do i get the azure flute without using an action replay code?

you cant get it without action replay take a look on eBay for action replay I got my action replay for cristmas.

How do you add games to your action replay with out using the action replay manager?

u cant

How to get all Pokemon in diamond?

either using action replay or not being a cheat and playing the game, not using action replay!

How do you catch a Blastoise on Pokemon platinum without using an action replay?

You use an action replay.

Can you get Charmander in pearl through action replay?

Using an Action Replay you can get any pokémon you want.

Can you use the codes for an Action Replay Max without using an Action Replay Max?

You can't'.

Will using action replay mess up your game in any way in Pokemon games?

the actin replay is NOT approved by Nintendo and yes it is possible you can be banned from wi-fi (I hacked Pokemon platinum version and I am now banned from wi-fi for 3 years).

Can you hacks for sadx GameCube?

I'm pretty sure you can using an action replay or action replay max.

How do you type in an action replay code in Pokemon diamond on ds?

using an action replay or by an r4 or r4i

What are some cheats for Pokemon heart gold not using action replay?

You need action replay to cheat.

What are the characters you get in Super smash bros brawl after using action replay?

What are the characters you get in Super smash bros brawl after using action replay

Can you get Darkrai?

yes by using an action replay

How do you get the flute with out using the action replay?

you cant

Can you get Zoroark by using action replay?

no you have to get celabi

Will your Pokemon get erase using the action replay?


How do you get infinte ultra balls?

By using Action Replay codes. The best store to get an Action Replay is Gamestop. It is $ 19.99

How do you get preloaded action replay codes to work for Pokemon?

Update your Action Replay firmware, then try using the codes.

How do you you change your persons name in Pokemon Diamond using an Action Replay?

only if you have action replay or you start over

How do you copy master balls in Pokemon platinum?

You would need to use an Action Replay code by using Action Replay DS or a flashcart which supports Action Replay codes.

I can't get my action replay codes to work?

Well it depends on the kind of action replay you are you using. If you are complaining about the DS or DSI action replay the code may be to short or too long.

How can you get about 7 Eevees in Diamond using Action Replay?

There is a cheat code for Action Replay device, but you can also get Eevee by breeding.

Can you catch Deoxys in Pokemon heartgold without the action replay?

You can't unless someone trades it to you. Or by using action replay.

Can you stop a roaming Pokemon using an Action Replay code?

No, sadly you cant stop a roaming Pokemon with an action replay.