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There normally is not a way to get cash back from a starter check at Walmart. Most stores, including Walmart do not allow cash back from personal checks. Some stores do not accept starter checks. It is best to find out the check cashing policy by calling the store directly.

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Will walmart cash personal checks

Many retail stores offer personal checks with cash back. Walmart is a large retailer that offers this service. For other options, search their check policies.


You can cash a check at a check cashing agency on Labor Day. Walmart will also cash your check as long as it isn't a personal check.

At this time, Walmart does not give its customers the option of getting cash back on a purchase made with one of its gift cards.

For a fee, checks can be cashed at Walmart. The fee is determined by the value of the check. There is a dollar limit on the checks that can be cashed. This limit can be variable based on the cash available at the store.

Go to a check cashing business or Walmart. They will charge you a fee, but you will get the check cashed.

When you write the check to another person, that person endorses the back when they cash it. If you write a check to "Cash", the bank may require that you endorse it before they will cash it.

The minimum cash back allowed is $20, and the maximum is $100.

You cannot sign your son's name to the back of his check and cash it for him. This is illegal.

It's 3 dollars at Walmart.

Walmart charges 3% of personal or SSDI checks. They charge 1% of payroll checks. They only cash up to a certain amount, and each Walmart is different.

Some stores will allow cash back on a personal check that is wrote at the time of purchase

Wal-mart does allow cashback on all checks, you don't even need an ID. The maximum they will allow is $20.

Walmart charges a small fee for cashing checks. This is because they are taking on a risk of the check bouncing and them being screwed over with the cash they handed out for the check.

Go to Walmart. They have a check cashing service, but will charge you a fee.

Many con artists use the Walmart name. Call Walmart itself to check on any "deal". And don't call the number the website gives, look up your local Walmart's number!

You should not have to if it is signed to "cash" Yes, any check that you are looking to cash/deposit must have a signature.

Government and Payroll checks may be cashed at Walmart ONLY if they are pre-printed by a computer or printer. A member of management may authorize a payroll check to be cashed if it is handwritten but it is at their discretion to do so and may not always be approved. There is a $3 check cashing fee for checks under $1000. Since most Walmart stores have printers that will AUTOCHECK (print the store's information on the check even if the check has already been handwritten) your personal checks, you may get up to $20 cash back. If the store does not participate in AUTOCHECK, ask the cashier if you may write the check for a higher amount. Ask your local Walmart for more information on these policies. Thank you for shopping at Walmart

You can go online to the Check 'n Go website to find a local location where you can cash your check. If it's a work related check you can also cash it at your local Walmart.

does walmart cash state child support checks

They cash only payroll and Income tax checks.

I know its 7500 in Oklahoma city just called them.

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