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You can't get chlamydia from a blood transfusion, as chlamydia is not in the blood.

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Q: Can you get chlamydia from a blood transfusion?
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What has the author J A F Napier written?

J. A. F. Napier has written: 'Handbook of blood transfusion therapy' -- subject(s): Transfusion, Blood Transfusion, Blood 'Blood transfusion therapy' -- subject(s): Transfusion, Blood

What is a sentence for transfusion?

transfusion is required for you. Or you will die.

How does blood transfusion affect personality?

Blood transfusion does not affect personality.

Why is heparin given after blood transfusion?

Heparin is given after a transfusion to prevent blood clotting.

Can a blood transfusion cause anaphalactic shock?

can a blood transfusion cause anaphylactic shock

What is done for low hemoglobin and having blood transfusion?

blood transfusion and low iron

Which department in the laboratory that processes blood products for transfusion?

There are several different labels for the department, here are a few: Blood Bank, Blood Transfusion Services, Transfusion Medicine

Do you have to replace blood if you receive a blood transfusion?

If you receive a blood transfusion, you are under no obligation to "return" (or "donate") any blood to back the blood bank. This is true both before and after receiving a blood transfusion - i.e you do not have to have donated blood previously, before you can have a transfusion. (At least, this is how it works in the UK). Nice to know, really.

Can T. cruzi spread through blood transfusion?

T. cruzi can be transmitted by blood transfusion

When was International Society of Blood Transfusion created?

International Society of Blood Transfusion was created in 1935.

Can you get chlamydia from blood in your eye?

Blood does not transfer chlamydia, so you would not catch it.

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