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Q: Can you get compensation for lost medical insurance due to an auto accident in the state of Texas?
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What is meant by Texas liability car insurance?

Texas Liability insurance simple put is insurance that will cover the other driver's bills if you get into an accident. It will not cover the cost of getting your own car fixed or any medical bills you have.

Does an employer in Texas have to provide workmen's compensation insurance for an employee if that person has their own private insurance?

Texas is the only state were an employee does not have to have workers' comp insurance. Instead they can have a private accident insurance plan. But they must have one or the other. AN employer can exclude contract employees from coverage under their plan (at least in Texas). I forget the exact number, but I know if an employer is a small company, I think it may be under 15, then they don't have to have workers comp or an accident plan.

What are some workers compensation insurance companies in the US?

The following insurance companies provide workers compensation in the United States: ACE Group, HISCOX, Zenith Insurance Company, Texas Mutual Insurance Company, and The Hartford.

Where can one get medical coverage in Texas?

Medical coverage in Texas can be obtained from several sources that include: Allstate Insurance, American Republic Insurance, American National Life Insurance of Texas and Assurity Life Insurance. These are only a few available insurance sources.

Do Texas legislators get medical insurance?

I believe they do

Will my PIP car insurance cover my medical expenses if I don't have health insurance in Texas?

Your PIP insurance will in most cases cover your medical expenses even if you do not possess the required health insurance in Texas. This would pay for your medical expenses in a wreck.

Is work related stress covered by Texas Workman's Compensation?

Texas workman's compensation does not cover work related stress. Usually there has to be sufficient medical evidence relate to the claim.

How can I find an internal medical doctor that takes my insurance in Texas?

You find an internal medical doctor that takes your insurance in Texas at . Another good site is

Where is standard life and accident insurance company of Oklahoma City?

It moved to Texas

What has the author Joseph Shields written?

Joseph Shields has written: 'Workers' compensation insurance deductible programs' -- subject(s): States, Deductibles (Insurance), Workers' compensation 'Income replacement from temporary income benefits under the Texas workers' compensation system' -- subject(s): Workers' compensation

Where can one get workman's compensation insurance in Dallas?

One can get workman's compensation insurance in Dallas from the following sources: Texas Mutual, Better Business Bureau, Indeed, Yellow Pages, Lawyers, Super Pages, Combined Groups, Insurance Dallas, to name a few.

What kind of car insurance will I get if I am a new driver in Texas?

You will need to get a coverage that you can afford but at the same time will pay for the accident, because according to Texas state law, the driver responsible for the accident will have to pay for the accident. Insurance is a must have and you should compare the rates from multiple companies and get the one with better coverage.

Am I required to carry PIP car insurance in Texas?

Insurance companies in the state of Texas are required to offer you PIP insurance, and you can refuse to purchase this. In the state of Texas, you are required to pay any damages you make in an accident so PIP is handy just in case.

Is Gallagher Bassett part of the Texas workers compensation commission?

Yes, they are part of the First Heath/Coventry Network. No, Gallagher Bassett is NOT part of the Texas Workers Compensation Commission. Gallagher Bassett is an insurance claims adjusting firm that is retained by various insurance companies, usually in direct opposition to injured claimants.

What is the minimum mandated car insurance for Texas residents?

If you live in Texas you must have at least liability insurance. The minimum liability limits are $30,000 for each injured individual and up to $60,000 per accident.

How much does both child and adult circumcision cost in Texas?

It dEpends where you go, and if you have medical insurance.

Will liability insurance cover if an employee is hurt on the job in Texas?

No. Your workers compensation coverage is what will cover a worker injured on the job. Your liability insurance is covers injury to your clients, customers, or other parties.

What insurance is required by the state of Texas?

if you are talking about auto insurance (I have to ask since your question is in two different categories) then the minimum required insurance levels for Texas are:Bodily Injury per Person: $20,000Bodily Injury per Accident: $40,000Property Damage: $15,000

How do you become a Texas adjuster?

Insurance adjusters are the ones who settle claims. They take care of all the time consuming and complicated documentations like police and medical records, interviewing witnesses and inspect property damages. Texas Insurance adjusters are required to pass the Texas licensing exam and obtain insurance license. Insurance exam and its courses must be TDI(Texas Department of Insurance) Accredited. There are insurance licensing exam providers online that are accredited and authorized by different Insurance organizations.

Do you need insurance to get a drivers license in Texas?

I am pretty sure you need insurance in every state except Wisconsin to get your license. In Wisconsin it is only illegal to have an accident without insurance (how silly is that!?). In ANY event, you should always have insurance to drive.

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

Yes, if your policy has adequate coverage. If you have full coverage insurance, your car will be repaired completely and your portion of the repairs will be whatever your deductible is.

Where is Valley Auto Insurance located?

Valley Auto Insurance is designed to help financially cover the cost of damages in the case of an accident. Valley Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage in Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

What type of license required to sell Long Term Care Insurance in Texas?

I think you need to get a Texas insurance license. There are several types of Texas insurance licenses, including life; accident and health; property and casualty; and adjuster. Determine which one you need. Also it's important to familiarize yourself with laws and regulations affecting the insurance industry and governing the actions insurance agents may take. To know more about Texas long term care, check the link.

Does Texas have a No-Fault insurance policy?

According to, Texas is one of the states which has some form of no-fault law.

What has the author Amy E Lee written?

Amy E. Lee has written: 'Enhancing workers' compensation for small employers in Texas' -- subject(s): Employees, Workers' compensation, Insurance requirements, Small business 'A comparison of injured workers who use attorneys or ombudsmen in the Texas dispute resolution system' -- subject(s): Workers' compensation, Dispute resolution (Law), Law and legislation, Ombudspersons