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yes. happened to me on 2 hits.

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Do Convulsions occur with epilepsy?

During an epileptic seizure a person can have convulsions. There are different types of seizures, not all involve convulsions.

What is the definition for LSD?

LSD is a hallucinogenic drug

What are common names for LSD?

get out of here lsd

Does LSD stay in your spinal cord for?

LSD does not get stored in the spinal cord. LSD will be in your blood%2

Is there a LSD in a 1996 SS-II Celica?

no celica came with LSD but you can find an after market LSD

Is lsd a hallucinagen?

Yes, LSD is a psychedelic drug.

Is LSD a depressent hallucinogen or stimulate?

LSD is a hallucinogen.

What is the most used way to test for LSD?

LSD is tested for with a urine test. However, LSD is rarely tested for.

Can LSD cause withdrawal?

No, LSD does not cause physiological dependence.

Is LSD odorless?

Yes, pure LSD is odorless and colorless.

What gender does LSD affects?

LSD affects both genders.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of LSD?

There are typically no withdrawal symptoms associated with the cessation of LSD use, nor is LSD considered to be addictive.

Can LSD be detected in a urine test?

It is possible to detect LSD usage by means of a urine test. However, it is rare to test for LSD.

Dose your body temperature increase due to LSD?

Body temperature does not increase due to LSD. Please keep away from LSD.

Where is LSD found?

LSD is not a naturally occurring compound, it must be synthesized.

Is LSD a psychedelic drug?

Yes, LSD is the prototypical psychedelic drug.

Are there any lasting affects of LSD?

Bad Trip, Flashbacks, Brain Damage , Lung Damage (Cancer), Heart failure, OD - Convulsions, Coma, Violent behavior, Delayed Sexual Development, Mental Problems (Depression), Psychological Dependence, Tolerance, Amotivational Syndrome

What are the ingredients in LSD?

LSD is just one chemical: Lysergic acid diethylamide

Scientific name of LSD?

Scientific name for LSD is Lysergic acid diethylamide.

Do integra gsr come with LSD?

Not all, for example the B18C is Lsd but the B18C1 is not.

How long does LSD show up in bloodwork?

LSD does not show up in bloodwork.

What does LSD do to your pupils?

LSD typically causes mydriasis, that is, abnormally dilated pupils.

How did Jimi Hendrix use LSD?

The same way anyone uses LSD.

What famous people have died from LSD?

None. LSD have never killed anyone.

Does LSD still have an effect on you if you smoke it?

No. It will be entirely destroyed. LSD is very fragile.