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You need to pay real life money to get the dragon amulet . you cannot get it for free.


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Get a cheat to get a dragon amulet. That's what they do.

you pay money to get a dragon amulet

You have to be a very high level with a dragon amulet because if you are lower than level twenty it will knock you out in one hit.

You have to buy the dragon amulet yourself.

A dragon amulet costs $19.95

there is nothing called "Dragon Amulet" in Skyrim.

No,you need a dragon amulet to summon, elementalize, and train your dragon on dragon fable

There are 2 options when you purchase your dragon amulet. You can get it for just one character for about $20, or you can get it for the whole account for $30.

You can get a baby dragon without the amulet but you can't grow it.

you can't you need a dragon amulet for 1.79

you either need to get a dragon amulet or you need a dragon amulet and pay for guardianship seperatly. yes, you must pay for a dragon amulet

from the main menu of the dragon fable homepage go to the page that says "buy dragon amulet". Note: this is the only way you can get an dragon amulet. Hope this helps.

https://secure.dragonfable.comyou can get a Dragon Amulet for $19.95 here: https://secure.dragonfable.c

dragon fables this game never ends even if you have a dragon amulet becase it has more levels than9999 zillions i dont have a amulet but i am lvl 129

No, you will never get a free Dragon Amulet.

You can have full power with the amulet so it would go faster!!

If you get a dragon amulet you can change the appearance of you dragon (by talking to lady Celestia), but without a dragon amulet you can only have a green baby dragon.

get a dragon amulet and you can use your big dragon

you cannot obtain the Dragon amulet without Buying it from the site

The Void Ship is not avaliable with or without a Dragon Amulet currently.

You need to have an amulet for a baby dragon to fully grow sorry.

There is no code for a dragon amulet..... Yes there is... Well idol...Its called the Dragon head of destruction. I need the code also.

Go to lady Celestia and feed you dragon(you need to buy food) then click train your dragon. If you have a dragon amulet you can do it anywhere by clicking on the dragon amulet.

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