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You need to pay real life money to get the dragon amulet . you cannot get it for free.

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Q: Can you get dragon amulet in level 30?
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Related questions

How do you get a amulet on Dragon Fable dragon amulet without paying money?

Get a cheat to get a dragon amulet. That's what they do.

How do you kill the red dragon on Dragon Fable?

You have to be a very high level with a dragon amulet because if you are lower than level twenty it will knock you out in one hit.

Dragon Fable dragon amulet?

you pay money to get a dragon amulet

Need dragon amulet account lvl 30?

yes plz

Does the dragon amulet work for the whole account or just one character?

There are 2 options when you purchase your dragon amulet. You can get it for just one character for about $20, or you can get it for the whole account for $30.

Who can give you a Dragon Fable account with dragon amulet?

You have to buy the dragon amulet yourself.

Can you get a dragon without the amulet on dragon fable?

No,you need a dragon amulet to summon, elementalize, and train your dragon on dragon fable

Where do you download dragonfable dragon amulet filter?

dragon amulet filter

How do you get a amulet on Dragon Fable dragon amulet without hacks?

buy it

How much is a dragon amulet cost?

A dragon amulet costs $19.95

On dragonfable if you have the dragon amulet and delete your profile will you not have the dragon amulet?


Can you get a Dragon Fable account with dragon amulet?

Only if you pay for the Amulet.

What is the Dragon Amulet in Skyrim?

there is nothing called "Dragon Amulet" in Skyrim.

Is the dragon amulet the only way you can a dragon?

You can get a baby dragon without the amulet but you can't grow it.

How do you grow a dragon without a dragon amulet on dragonfable?

you can't you need a dragon amulet for 1.79

Where can you get dragon amulet?

from the main menu of the dragon fable homepage go to the page that says "buy dragon amulet". Note: this is the only way you can get an dragon amulet. Hope this helps.

How do you be a guardian in dragonfable?

you either need to get a dragon amulet or you need a dragon amulet and pay for guardianship seperatly. yes, you must pay for a dragon amulet

Where do you get your dragon amulet?

https://secure.dragonfable.comyou can get a Dragon Amulet for $19.95 here: https://secure.dragonfable.c

How long does it takes for your dragon to fully grow in Dragon Fable with a dragon amulet and a dragon lord armor?

It grows to adult as soon as you purchase the dragon amulet

How do you grow your dragon without dragon amulet at Dragon Fable?

You can have full power with the amulet so it would go faster!!

Is there a cheat to change your dragon in Dragon Fable?

If you get a dragon amulet you can change the appearance of you dragon (by talking to lady Celestia), but without a dragon amulet you can only have a green baby dragon.

Can you get a free dragon amulet if you kill doomkitten 200 times?

No, you will never get a free Dragon Amulet.

Do you need the dragon amulet to complete Dragon Fable?

dragon fables this game never ends even if you have a dragon amulet becase it has more levels than9999 zillions i dont have a amulet but i am lvl 129

In dragonfable how do you get a dragon without the dragon amulet?

It is basically the same as getting a dragon with an amulet. It is possible, although I recommend being level 15 or higher to try it. In the main town of Falconreach, go up to Twilly and talk to him about getting a dragon. He should send you to people and you will have to do quests for them, such as Robina hood and Valencia.

How long does it take for your baby dragon to fully grow in Dragon Fable without a dragon amulet?

You need to have an amulet for a baby dragon to fully grow sorry.