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If you are married, you are considered emancipated.

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Q: Can you get emancipated if you get married in Alabama?
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Can a married 18-year-old legally move out of their parents' home in Alabama?

The age of majority in Alabama is 19. You can move out at 18 with your parents' permission. That does not mean you are emancipated, or that they are relieved of the responsibility of taking care of you. You can, with your parent's permission, request emancipation from the court which 'relieves you from the disability of nonage.' *A legally married minor is considered to be automatically emancipated.

Is a married 18 year old a emancipated minor in Alabama?

A person in Alabama is not considered the Age of Majority until 19, even though at 18 you are charged as an adult automatically if you commit any crime. Alabama Section 30-4-15 and 16 basically say that when an 18 year old is married, their removal of disabilities of nonage is effected immediately (basically saying when you turn 18 and are married in the state of Alabama, you are considered "emancipated") and you now have the same legal rights and abilities as anyone age 19 and older.

If emancipated can you get married in the state of missouri?

If you are emancipated, and at least 16, yes you can get married. Marriage is another way of getting emancipated.

Are you emancipated if your married at 16 in Nashville TN?

If you are married you are emancipated. That is how it works in all states.

Can an 18-year old get emancipated in Alabama?

Yes, in some cases, a 18 year old can get emancipated in Alabama. As of June 2014, a person is considered a child until they are 19 years old.

Can emancipated minors get married?

If they are truly emancipated, yes. Note that in almost all states, getting married emancipates a minor.

How old do you have to be in the state of Alabama to get emancipated if you have a child and a place to live?

You must be 19, or 18 with a court order in Alabama.

Is it possible to get emancipated at 16?

Certainly. If you live in a state that allows emancipation, not all of them do. Most will consider you emancipated if you get married (not pregnant, married!).

Can you get married if you are under 18 and emancipated?

If you are emancipated, you can get married. You can get married under the age of 18 with parental consent in most states. Also, in most states you are considered emancipated if you are married. ill agree with that and add (in new york at least) in order to get married u need parental consent from both parents and you need to be 16

Are you able to get married at 14 or at 15 and legally get emancipated with Parents Consent in the state of Iowa?

No. You cannot get married or emancipated in Iowa at 14/15.

If You're married do you automatically Emancipated?

Yes you are. Most states have a specific law that says that a minor is emancipated if they get married. And all states require that a minor have parental permission to get married.

Can a16 year old with a baby be emancipated in Alabama?

No you have to be 18 to apply for that. The legal adult age of emancipation is 19 in Alabama.

How do you get emancipated at age fourteen in Alabama?

You can't at 14, you are too young.

Can a emancipated 16 year old get married in La without parental consent?

Yes, if she is emancipated.

If a minor gets married are they emancipated?

In the US, and assuming the marriage is legal, then yes, they're emancipated.

At what age leaglly can you live on your own in Alabama?

18, unless you are emancipated by the courts.

Can you be emancipated at 16 without moms consent and can i get married before the emancipation without her consent in Oklahoma?

You cannot get married without her consent. You'll have to wait until you are 18. If you got married, you would be emancipated.

What does it take for a teenager in Alabama to become emancipated?

Alabama does not have an emancipation statute. However, an 18 year old can be relieved of the disabilities of being a minor.

If a married minor is emancipated who signs for legal consent in Ohio?

Legal consent for what? You are emancipated and decide for yourself.

Is a 16 year old automatically emancipated if they get parental permission to marry?

Once you are married you are emancipated not when you get the permission.

What does the Alabama state law say about minors moving out?

You must have parental consent or be emancipated.

Is a parent legally responsible for a married minor child?

No, once they are married they are emancipated.

If you are married in Oklahoma at age 16 are you emancipated?

If you are legally married, you are considered an adult.

Can you be emancipated from your father but not your mother if they are still married?


How does a 16 year old in Alabama become emancipated from her parents?

She can't in Alabama. The age of majority is 19. You can get 'relief from the disabilities of non-age' when you are 18.