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Q: Can you be emancipated from your father but not your mother if they are still married?
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Does a father still have to pay child support on his 17 year old daughter when her mother gave her permission to get married?

Unless the daughter is still living with her mother, the father might be able to get the court to terminate support on the grounds that the daughter is emancipated.

Is Selena quintanilla Perez's mother and father still married?

Yes they are still married

Can a mother collect disability for her children if the father is disabled but they are not married and the father is still alive?


Can a mother keep a child away from the father if they are still married?

No, if they are married they have equal custody.

What wrongs did Oedipus commit?

He killed his father and married his mother. (Unwittingly, but still)

Does a father still have to pay child support if he lives with the child's mother but are not married?


The Child's mother dies grandma want custody of the child over the father who was married to the mother at the time of death but DNA says the father is not the biologicial father?

He can still gain custody as the presumptive father.

If you get married can you still used your parents insurance?

No. If you're married, you're emancipated, and you're on your own.

Is a parent still responsible for an 19 year old that is married with a child?

No, once married he is emancipated.

In the 20th century were children still classified as bastard children if the parents were married then the father left the mother after the mother became pregnant?


Is the bee gees mother and father still alive?

The mother is 83 and still alive

Could you still be under states custody if i'm 17 pregnant and married?

When married you are emancipated so no.

What if your sixteen and you're already emancipated and want to get married do you still have to have your parents sign?

if you are emancipated you no longer need parent's permission for anything

Does a father in prison still have parental rights in the state of Florida if he never married the mother and is not on the birth certificate?

No single father does until granted them by a court.

Are you still married if your emancipation is revoked?

If the marriage was legal when it was conducted, yes, it is still legal. And once you are married, in many states you are automatically considered emancipated.

Are the parents still responsible for finacially supporting two minors that get married?

If they are married they are emancipated through the fact they are married, so I would say no.

Does child support stop when the mother gets married?

No...the father still has to provide for his kid till 18 sometimes longer

In Virginia can a fathers name be on a birth certificate if the mother is still married legally?

Yes, if the father signs an acknowledgment of paternity.

If you get emancipated and your father passed away and left you a large sum in the estate will you still be able to get the money after becoming emancipated?

Yes. Being emancipated and being a devisee or legatee in a will are totally separate issues.

Can a mother who is still married to the father take the child out of the state due to spousal abuse?

Yes, you can--you are still married and do not need permission. In a divorce situation, you can be limited to a certain range. Check with your lawyer for specifics.

If you have foster parents how would you get married to be emancipated?

you would still need your foster parents consent

When you have a baby under age in Texas are you emancipated?

Nope you still have to be of the age of majority or married. You are only medically emancipated regarding yourself and everything regarding the baby.

Your mother and father were married in 1964 but he has been out of the picture for almost thirty-nine years are they still considered married?

Unless there has be a legal divorce they are still legally married and if they tried to marry someone else they would be breaking the law.

Are Matthew gublers parents still married?

No, they divorced when he was about 6. His father remarried when he was 6 or 7, and his mother remarried last April.

Can the mother keep the baby from the father if they are still married?

If two people are married and share a child, they both have equal custody rights to the child unless declared otherwise by a court.