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Q: Can you be emancipated from your father but not your mother if they are still married?
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Does a father still have to pay child support on his 17 year old daughter when her mother gave her permission to get married?

Unless the daughter is still living with her mother, the father might be able to get the court to terminate support on the grounds that the daughter is emancipated.

Is Selena quintanilla Perez's mother and father still married?

Yes they are still married

Can a mother keep a child away from the father if they are still married?

No, if they are married they have equal custody.

Can a mother collect disability for her children if the father is disabled but they are not married and the father is still alive?


What wrongs did Oedipus commit?

He killed his father and married his mother. (Unwittingly, but still)

Does a father still have to pay child support if he lives with the child's mother but are not married?


Is a parent still responsible for an 19 year old that is married with a child?

No, once married he is emancipated.

If you get married can you still used your parents insurance?

No. If you're married, you're emancipated, and you're on your own.

The Child's mother dies grandma want custody of the child over the father who was married to the mother at the time of death but DNA says the father is not the biologicial father?

He can still gain custody as the presumptive father.

In the 20th century were children still classified as bastard children if the parents were married then the father left the mother after the mother became pregnant?


Is the bee gees mother and father still alive?

The mother is 83 and still alive

Could you still be under states custody if i'm 17 pregnant and married?

When married you are emancipated so no.

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