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Q: Can a mother collect disability for her children if the father is disabled but they are not married and the father is still alive?
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Do you have any rights from your disabled vet husband in a divorce from spousal support?

my ex-husband and I were married 20 years. Can I draw from his VA disability?

If a couple was never married but they have two children together do the children qualify for survivor benefits if the father is on disability before he dies?


Do you lose your disability when you get married?

You don't lose your disability determination but it might affect your check amount. Example: Your spouse makes enough money to care for both of you; your check might be reduced or zero. Example: The husband is on full disability; a disabled wife's check might be cut drastically.

How long do you have to be married to collect your deceased husbands social security?

How long do you supposed to be married before you Grillet your husband Social Security disability check

Does a mother have the legal right to land of her child if the child had no children and was disabled?

Unless the child was married, had children or had written a will what is left will go to the closest relatives, in this case the parents.

Can you get married if you collect SSI Disability?

Yes, there are no regulations concerning SSID and marriage, however, in some cases marriage and regular SS benefits will be allocated under a different criteria.

Can you lose disability because you got married?


Will getting married affect your Social Security Disability benefits?

if your on disability will it change when you turn 62

Can you already be receiving disability benefits and get married?

Receiving disability benefits does not make you legally unable to marry.

Can a couple survive after one is disabled but not accepted by the other will not accept the disability?

True love knows no faults. If you are in love with someone you look past disabilities automatically. If you're married, you took vows for better or worse, in sickness and in health..

You are a disabled adult child before age 22 and want to keep your benefits and still get married?

I assume you are referring to Social Security's "disabled adult child" benefits. I believe that if you marry, you may no longer collect DAC benefits, unless you marry another DAC. Call Social Security for clarification.

How long do you have to be married to collect off a late spouse?

Sounds like you have something planned...

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