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Can you get glameow in platinum?


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you cant but you can trade it from Pokemon Pearl

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no you can not glameow and misdrevus is on pearl sorry!

To get Glameow on Pokemon Platinum you will need to trade for one from Pokemon Pearl. In Pokemon Pearl Glameow appears on Routes 218 and 222.

you will fin glameow at route 230

yes. u can catch glameow in route 218 and 222

In order to get a Glameow, you have to trade it from games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

no you cannot catch a glameow on Pokemon Platinum unless you trade for it from someone who has Pokemon Pearl (since you cannot catch it in Pokemon Diamond either).

You can't get Glameow in Pokemon Platinum. You can trade it off the GTS or trade it from Pokemon Pearl because you can't get it in Pokemon Diamond either. It's the same with Stunky, Misdreavus and Murkrow.

In Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum at route 218 and 222

Trade it from Pokemon Pearl and can be found in Routes 218 and 222

you got to trad it from Pokemon pearl on r 222 and 218 you idote.

Mismagius, Honchkrow, Glameow, Purugly, Stunky, and Skuntank.

Stunky isn't exclusive in Pokemon Platinum: Misdreavus, Murkrow, Glameow, and Stunky are NOT in Pokemon Platinum. you are wrong they all are in platuinm actually... they are not in platinum meaning you cannot catch them in platinum but you must trade them from diamond or pearl to get them in platinum. =)

go to "pokemon.marriland.com" and youll find everything u need bout all the pokemon

you can if you transfer it through pal park or trade someone else for it but you cant catch it in the wild

No, not all Glameow are female. There is a 75% chance of Glameow being female and a 25% chance of Glameow being male.

You have to trade it from Pokemon Pearl. In Pearl, you can get it on Routes 218 and 222. I got the information from Pokemon.marriland.com

you get glameow on route 222

Glameow is a Normal type pokemon.

For whoever answered this question is the idiot himself, because he doesn't know how to write idiot: he wrote idote. What an "idote."

i dont think u can get glameow sorry

Glameow is in Routes 218 and 222 for Pokemon Pearl.

you can get an eleckid at that route right before sunnyshore city! Go in the grass and you can find it, or you can find these pokemon: glameow chatot floatzel and luxio!

Murkrow? If that's what you're talking about you can find it in Eterna forest at night. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Murkrow is ONLY available in Pokemon diamond & Midreavus is ONLY available in Pokemon pearl you can trade it to Pokemon platinum & also glameow & stunky is not available & not catchable in Pokemon platinum -PokeHelpThatsMe

Glameow cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. This kitty pokemon can be found in Pokemon Pearl on route 218 and 228. Glameow can be traded to Diamond from Pearl.

Murkrow - available only in Pokemon diamond Midreavus - available only in Pokemon pearl Glameow - available only in Pokemon Pearl Stunky - available only in Pokemon Diamond About Platinum? Those 4 are not available in platinum :/// Trade it over or cheats -PokeHelpThatsMe

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