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Can you get herpes from getting your tongue pierced?

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Cold sores are a variant of the Herpes virus, however getting them from a professionally done tongue piercing, No.

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How long does your tongue have to be to get it pierced?

There is no length requirement for getting your tongue pierced. Anyone can get their tongue pierced with the exception of people that have their own personal and/or medical reasons.

How long does it take for your tongue to start to swell or hurt after getting it pierced?

When you get your tongue pierced it takes an out to swell and it does not hurt at all!

Does your tongue bleed when getting pierced?

Yes sometimes because your tongue gets a hole in it

Which one hurts more getting your tongue pierced or getting a tattoo?

Tattoo is a longer period of annoying sensation as apposed to a tongue piercing which is quick, besides there are no pain receptors in the area of the tongue that is normally pierced.

Does a tongue piercing hurt if you've only had your ears pierced?

Getting a tongue piercin will hurt a bit regardless of what you've had pierced before.

Does it hurt getting your tongue pierced in billy best in haverfordwest?

What do you think? You're getting a hole stabbed through your tongue.

Can you get your tongue pierced with geographic tongue?

Yes. I have geographic tongue, and have had it pierced twice.

Can you get paralyzed when getting your tongue pierced?

yes it is true, if You dont know how to do it.

Where do you get your tongue pierced?

At a piercing parlor. Getting it done by a professional is best.

What is getting your tongue pierced like?

Like sticking out your tongue and having someone jab an icepick through it.

Is Bill Kaulitz's tongue pierced?

Yes, he does have his tongue pierced.

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton?

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton, MO?

Did Joe Jonas get his tongue pierced?

Joe Jonas didn't get his tongue pierced, but he did get his ears pierced.

What does it mean if a guy has a tongue piercing?

It means that he is gay or either he just felt like getting his tongue pierced(:

What hurts more getting your ears pierced or getting your tongue pierced?

Getting your tongue pierced hurts more. It's going to be sore for longer, make speech slightly slurred, and you may drool on yourself. Eat cold things for a day or two. After being pierced, it may feel warm/hot and the cold feels really good.

Im thinking about getting my belly button pierced but I've got my tongue pierced will it hurt compared to that?

No. Piercing your belly button wont hurt as compared to piercing your tongue.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in Arizona?

It is against the law to get your tongue pierced in this state.

Do you have to take out lip piercing when getting your tongue done?

Nope, i've had my tongue pierced, and i didn't have to take my lip piercing out.

Are you suppost to ice toungue after getting pierced?

It certainly is advisable. After you get your tongue pierced, you will want to eat a lot of popsicles to reduce the swelling.

What is some people opionion on getting your tongue pierced?

Seriously who cares about other people's opinion about tongue piercing, it's your tongue. If you want it pierced then fine do so but don't worry about what other people have to say about it, it's up to you.

Can you eat instant pudding after getting your tongue pierced?

I think you can,just rinse your mouth after that.:)

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