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josh ramsay was 17 when he got his tongue pierced

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Q: How old was Josh Ramsay when he got his tongue pierced?
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What are josh ramsay's tatts of?

josh ramsay has apparently 3 tattos 1 on his right uper arm i is sort of a musical note thing. he got it when he was one year sober from heroin. he has another on his left for arm it is a band he got it when he was 2 years sober and he was going to get them down his arm for every year sober but decided not to. josh ramsay has also claimed to have a third tattoo some were on his body he doesnt want ppl to know about. he and his bandmate ian had joked about his third tatto being of smurfette and it being on his bottom.

How old was Josh Farro when he got married?

Josh was 22 when he got married.

How did marianas trench band members meet?

the band got together when Josh Ramsay and Matt Webb who went to school together joined choir they became friends and eventually decided to make a band. After Josh's band Ramsay fiction disbanded. After they decided to make a band, they found the other members, Ian Casselman, and Mike Ayley. They found Ian in an add in the newspaper for a job and Josh saw his add so Josh called him with the details and it came to a voice message and it said," Sorry I couldn't get your call, leave a message." in English and Chinese. Mike became part of the band because he was Ian's room mate he was helping out pick a bass player and he didn't like any of them then one day mike was walking home from the auditions and josh yelled to mike and asked him to be in the band. So that's how the band got together.

What do you eat after you got your lip pierced?

you have to wait 2 hours before you eat anything if you have your lip pierced.

Does Hayley Williams have any piercings?

She got her septum pierced in the Summer of 2008, but stopped wearing it a few month later. In May 2009 she got her ears pierced. In 2010 she got her ears pierced again and now had two piercings in both ears.

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Did Josh Ramsay got to collage or university?

Josh ramsay went to neither because he got famous

Has Aston merrygold got his tongue pierced?


What is the movie called when two girls gets their tongue pierced?

The first movie I thought of was "thirteen". . . Where these two girls got their tongue pierced.

Your tongue is starting to rip after you got it pierced what will you do?

You should probably talk to the person who pierced it, or a professional.

How did josh ramsay become famous?

Josh Ramsay's parents both had something to do with music. For example, Josh Ramsay's mother, Was a Vocals teacher. Josh Ramsay's Father, owned a studio, with their power, Josh Ramsay got his voice by the age of 12-14. After that, his High School buddy, Matt Webb Joined, They started to write songs and they called themselves "Ramsay Fiction". Then they wanted to get big, so they got Ian Casslemans advertisement in the newspaper. They got him in the band. Through Ian Cassleman, they got Micheal Ayley, the base player. Together, they picked a name that had not been chosen, so they picked something, that was the color of Josh Ramsay's hair, the Marianas Trench. Marianas Trench is now known all over the world by thousands, you might know their hit single, Celebrity Status (2009)

Why pierced tongue?

I got mine done for fashion purposes...

Can you Tanning and just got your tongue pierced?

Yes you can tan, tanning has no effect on your tongue piercing.

How old were bill and tom from tokio hotel when they got pierced?

Bill was 13 when he got his eye pierced and tom got his lip pierced also at the age of 13..bill got his tongue ring round about the age of 15

I got my tongue pierced just under a week ago and there is a crater like indent developing on the top of my tongue. Why is this and what can I do to get rid of it?

This is because of the jewelry resting on the top of the piercing. I got one with my belly button and my tongue. But the one on my belly button is gone now, and the one on my tongue is almost gone. I got my tongue and belly button pierced about two months ago.

In season 5 which Roadie got his tongue pierced instead of his nipples?


Im thinking about getting my belly button pierced but I've got my tongue pierced will it hurt compared to that?

No. Piercing your belly button wont hurt as compared to piercing your tongue.

I got my tongue pierced yesterday and it was fine. now its bleeding and wont stop. how do i stop it?

i suggest u call the place were you got it pierced and keep ice on it