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Can you get hypothermia from eating just iceypoles?

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Highly unlikely. Your core temperature has to drop drastically in order for hypothermia to take place. This would mean being exposed to extreme temperatures for a long period of time. I doubt this would happen from eating icy pops. Hi, Hypothermia is a serious condition and is basically a very significant drop in your body temperature to a very dangerous level. This would not be caused by eating iceypoles but eating iceypoles or anything that is very cold can lower your temperature or make you feel very cold and even shivery.

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If you have lost a lot of weight by just eating iceypoles will you put a lot of weight on if you start eating normally again?

In this situation whether or not you start gaining weight again shouldn't be a factor!! Eating nothing but iceypoles is extremely bad for your health. You may prefer the way you look on the outside because of the weight loss but the damage you are doing internally to your body could end up being irreversible. I would recommend going to a doctor, describing your situation to him and asking him to suggest a sensible eating plan. Good luck but PLEASE start eating properly.

What is Hypothermia and what can contribute to it?

Hypothermia is another name for high colesterol. Eating too much or unhealthy habits can contribute to hypothermia.

You just want to know is hypothermia dangerous?

Hypothermia can kill you within one day. Yes it is very dangerous.

What is the plural form of hypothermia?

Hypothermia. "There are different types of hypothermia."

How do you overcome hypothermia?

The easiest way would be to get out of the cold. Hypothermia can be alleviated somewhat by wearing several layers of clothing, eating more carbohydrates (or more calories generally), and taking cover from the wind. The symptoms of hypothermia can be alleviated by drinking alcohol, but this is actually dangerous because alcohol actually causes death from hypothermia to occur more rapidly by inhibiting the body's protective response.

What is contraindication of taking oral temperature?

Facial trauma, recently eating/drinking, known hypothermia, age (infants, toddler),

Is hypothermia a noun?

Yes, 'hypothermia' is a noun.

A sign of hypothermia?

hypothermia can cause lowered body temperature. hypothermia makes your limbs numb.

Do fish get hypothermia?

Yes fish can get hypothermia if they are suffering from hypothermia they appear to be sluggish, depressed, and they will not eat.

How do you prevent hypothermia?

you can prevent hypothermia by not getting cold

Do footballers get hypothermia?

Yes, footballers can and sometimes do get hypothermia.

How do you spell Hypothermia?

That is the correct spelling of the word "hypothermia".

What is the condition of deficient body temperature?


Do you have a fever if your temp drops to 95.5 degrees Fahrenheit?

That would hypothermia, and its just as bad.

Does hypothermia affect your skin?

Hypothermia is known to cause bruising

Can you have a seizure from malignant hypothermia?

Hypothermia, no. Malignant hyperthermia, yes.

Are frostbite and hypothermia the same thing?

No they are not. You can have frostbite or hypothermia or both.

What is the prevention of hypothermia?

coldness is a way for hypothermia and keeping warm can prevent this. in Antarctica they wear very warm uniforms to prevent hypothermia.

Can you get hypothermia from a desert in Colorado?

no i do not think you can get hypothermia in a desert in Colorado. it is way to hot! or it might be soo cold at night you might get hypothermia.

How cold do you have to be to get hypothermia?

You have to be thirty five (35) degrees to devolop hypothermia.

Prevention for hypothermia?

Prevention for hypothermia is to remain dry and warm as possible.

What is the difference between hypothermia and frostbite?

What is the difference between frostbite and hypothermia

What are the next day symptoms of hypothermia?

Hypothermia is an emergency and should be treated by a doctor.

Is Hypothermia or hypothermia more dangerous?

O my gosh there the same..... Such a dumb question

How does hypothermia affect the body?

hypothermia causes the body to loose motion it can make you hallucinate and eventually you cold loose extremities to hypothermia over time if it is not treated.

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