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Traditional life insurance is not available for people with terminal illness.

In some cases, a Graded Death Benefit life insurance policy may be available. With this type of policy, if the insured dies during the first few years, the insurance company will only pay back the premiums paid plus interest.

With each passing year, an additional percentage of the death benefit becomes available.

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Q: Can you get insurance on a brother who is terminally ill?
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Can you buy life insurance for terminally ill people?

No, you can't buy life insurance for terminally ill people. Life insurance policies will only pay a death benefit if the insured person does not die of a condition that already existed (known as a pre-existing condition) at the time the policy is first purchased. So, while it would be possible to lie to the insurance company and claim that the person buying the insurance is perfectly healthy, and not all insurance policies require a medical examination, it is still true that when the person dies, the insurance company will investigate and will discover that the death resulted from a pre-existing condition, and therefore the insurance is not valid. (They will return the premiums paid, however.)