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Q: Can you get into Harvard with a 21 act score 3.85 GPA lots of honors and ap classes and a good amount of extracurricular activities?
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How many students in Harvard University in 2008?

The amount of students enrolled at Harvard University is 69,people.AnswerThe amount of students enrolled at Harvard University is 69,people.

What criteria must be met so I can receive a minority grant or scholarship?

The criteria depend on the award that you have. Some awards require a good amount of extracurricular activities while others require a GPA and others require a certain ethnicity.

What do you need to get into Virginia Tech?

"Like most mid-tier schools you would need a GPA of approximately 3.0+, good SAT scores, and a decent amount of extracurricular activities. and $25,000" I'm not sure who answered this question first but it's pretty far off the mark. VTs average GPA of freshmen is around 3.8, requires a pretty darn good SAT score... think around the 80th percentile, and extracurricular activities including charity/community service type activities. Family alumni and donations don't hurt your chances for admission either...

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Filling out the FAFSA (Federal Application For Student Aid) is the first step. The FAFSA will give you an estimate for the amount of Federal assistance your child may be eligible for. You can also check with the school to see if they might have any programs your child will qualify for. Making sure you qualify is a s easy as maintaining a good gpa, and participating in extracurricular activities!

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There are classes with fewer than six students at Cornell. There are other classes that are significantly larger.

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