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Q: Can you get into full sail university with a diploma from wood field high school?
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What is full sail university known for?

Full Sail University is known for being an entertainment media school.

Can you be denied admission to Full Sail University?

The only thing that will deny you admission to Full Sail is money... or lack thereof. But Full Sail will do their best to find you funds for tuition even if it's loans at twelve percent. Who cares? You get to live the dream and Full Sail gets more money deposited in their coffers. This school is a diploma mill that preys on young, idealistic teenagers and their guilty, deep-pocketed parents. Steer clear of this diploma mill. And if your heart is still set on attending, please become an informed consumer before you sign a contract with this "university".

What is Northwestern University School of Law's motto?

The motto of Northwestern University School of Law is 'The word full of grace and truth'.

What type of educational school was Florida State University before it became a liberal arts university?

What is now Florida State University was a School of Nursing before it expanded to a full fledged university.

What are opinions Full Sail University?

Full Sail University is not a scam. Many graduates complain about not being able to get a job or that the school guaranteed them a job upon graduating; this is in no way the school's fault. The university's career development offices can only assist students with interviews and job placement; they cannot guarantee anything and do not have that responsibility.However, Full Sail University is not a regionally accredited university; they are nationally accredited. They are a "for-profit" school much like University of Phoenix and others, with many of the same problems.

Is Stanford only a law school?

No, it is a full scale university. You can get a degree in many subject there, including Medical school.

Who first called it the Ohio state university?

Basically, when the University changed from an agricultural University to a full public school it was official changed to 'The Ohio State University' as written in state code.

What is full form of PhD?

Diploma in Physiology.

Can you move out if you are 17 have a full time job and have a high school diploma?

YES you can start backing you stuff * There is no state where a 17-year-old is a legal adult. Having a high school diploma and a full-time job doesn't change the fact that you are still a minor. You can move out at 17 if your parents agree to allow it or if you have been legally emancipated in some manner such as marriage or court decree.

Is Law School capatilized?

It is not normally capitalized. You would only do so if it were part of a full name, such as University of Detroit School of Law.

Is it possible for you to join collage while am in high school?

Many high-school students take college courses. But being a full-time college student with no high-school diploma most likely is not allowed by many colleges, if any.

What is the full form of DAE?

Diploma of Associate Engineering