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Can you get kids back in Sims 2 after they have been taken by the social worker because of neglect?


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There is any easier way that doesn't involve using the cheat menu.Invite a sim over that your parent (who has just lost his child to the social worker) is friends with. Have them Propose>Move In and then when that sim accepts, have him or her go to the phone and select Adoption.

Unless you've had multiple families in the neighborhood lose their kids, the first kid to come should be the same child that was just taken from the parent.

Sorta off subject: I had two twins taken away and since you can only adopt once per day when I had the roommate adopt them back their signs had changed and their birthdays were now one day apart. Not too major, assuming they'd be in the orphanage for the rest of their days otherwise.


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when all of your sims die or get taken by social worker the game ends for that family when there is no sims left. but if there is still one sim left, the game wont end until something happens to that sim like if they die or the social worker takes them.

You should contact your local dhs office and you can do this anonymously. They will send out a case worker and investigate this. If there is nothing substantial to this claim they will dismiss it, if there is abuse or neglect the children will be taken from the situation.

No, they cannot be kidnapped, but they can be taken by the social worker if you don't take care of them.

If you neglect that one, the social worker will not allow you to get a new one. The best you can do is find a cheat to make the baby grow up, then make it leave the house. Afterwards, just adopt a new baby. I suggest, next time you plan on adopting a baby, get the one you want. You can do this by creating a family. If you want a baby, make sure the woman and man are married BEFORE you leave create-a-sims and have her get pregnant and then neglect the baby so the social worker will take it away, you will get the child last taken away so make sure it has the genes you want. If you want a toddler or a child, create them with the family and then move that family into a lot and neglect the kids, this wil have them taken away. The next family to adopt from that age group will receive that kid. Hop this helps!

just adopt then click the age the child was

You can't, if Sim babies and kids on't have parents they get taken by the social worker.

Social work classes are classes taken by students aspiring to become a social worker. They deal with various situations. Most colleges have a social work program.

Social work classes are classes taken by students aspiring to become a social worker. They deal with various situations. Most colleges have a social work program.

The toddler will be taken away by the Social worker and you will have to start another game

No. Social workers are not law enforcement officials and although social work agencies and law enforcement often work cooperatively with one another, once the police have taken official action (taken a report or made an arrest) a social worker cannot alter the legal course of events that has been set in motion.

Babies, toddlers, children and teens can all be taken away from the social worker because of not going to school a lot or they are not being cared for like letting their needs go down to red or orangey. The social worker will come and rant at the parents and then take them away. She comes in a blue car and some daunting music will play. Her hair is all scraped back in a braided bun thing and she is in a large black cloak.

The case is considered "open" at the time an investigation to a complaint is initiated. Generally the case worker has 30 days in which to make a decision as to the status of the case. This means the case worker will decide if neglect or abuse has occurred or if the child or children are at risk for neglect or abuse. If evidence indicates either situation then the required action as designated by the laws of the state in which the incident occurred will be taken.

Well if you are a really bad parent a social worker will take the Sim away and there would be no way of getting it back.

Licensed clinical social workerThis is a social worker trained in psychotherapy who helps individuals deal with a variety of mental health and daily living problems to improve overall functioning. A social worker usually has a master's degree in social work (MSW), and has studied sociology, growth and development, mental health theory and practice, human behavior/social environment, psychology, research methods. Thus, the approximate length of time is four years to complete a bachelors, and an additional two to three years to complete the masters. The length of time also depends of the credit load taken each semester.

Click on the phone and go to "call," then click on "service". Select "Adoption Agency". If your sim has more than $3000 and has never had a baby taken away by a social worker before, the social worker will come to your house the next day at 10 am. Then, you can choose whether you want to adopt a baby, toddler, or child.

Depends if it has been medically proscribed or just smoking because it's there illegally. There is no cut and dried answer as there are far too many variables to list here. You will need to talk to your case worker.

a child can be taken away by social services for neglect, sexual abuse,abuse and if parent/parents have a drug or alcohol problem. my son is on the register for neglect because my boyfriend had his children put into care when he was with his ex. I'm a good mother and Ive always looked after my son since he was born, social services know we got a very close bond, and over the years i have told them too much about my boyfriend and panic attacks and health anxiety. so my advice to you if you have any problem like i have/ want to contact social services for 'help' then my advice would be think long and hard. and if you can manage on your own, because they take over your life, they say you can trust them and make you think they are helping you, but believe me they DO NOT!!

The cast of Taken in - 2011 includes: Traysie Amick as Dawn Tim Brosnan as Simon Ronnie Gunter as Dillon Vicky Henderson as Social Worker Madelaine Hoptry as Brooklyn Monica Wyche as Stu

1. Make a family that you like the look of, and then move them into any random lot. Make sure the family has the baby/toddler/child looking like you want it to. 2. Make the parents neglect the child so that the Social worker comes round and gets it. Then, delete the household(only the parents, because the child has now gone) 3.Make an exact copy of your parents in create a sim. Then, move them into your desired lot and have them adopt a child. Make sure that the kid you adopt is the same age as the one that got taken away. 4. When the social worker comes, given that you have chosen the exact age, will come with the sim you made her/him collect and it will look like the parents! Hope this helped you

The definition and parameters of neglect and child abandonment (a form of neglect) vary from state to state and the circumstances surrounding an alleged incident of such are taken into consideration when determining whether or not an act of neglect took place. For instance, if the parent was hospitalized or incarcerated, it generally would not be considered willful abandonment. If the parent did it because they had no way to provide food, shelter, emotional and financial support for the child for that period of time, it may not be considered an act of neglect, depending on specifics. If they did it because they couldn't be bothered to care for their child and could provide no viable reason why it was done, it would be considered neglect/abandonment. Ultimately, it would be an issue decided in court.

Generally, no. Social security funds are usually exempt from garnishment to satisfy judgment. There are so exceptions, though.


Roughly 78% of gross pay is left after Federal, State, Medicade, and Social Security taxes are taken out. For example, a worker with an annual gross income of $40,000 - or $3,333 monthly gross income - would receive about $2,633 after taxes are removed.

Click on the Phone/Service/Adoption center. The next day at 10 AM a Social Worker will come and ask you do you want a baby, a toddler, or a child. Unfortunately, you can't choose the gender, name or the face of the newcomer. That's how my white family got a black-skined girl Candice. The best is that you save your game before the Social Worker arrives in case you get an ugly kid. The chances of this happennig are 80 %! P. S. You cannot adopt if you child has been taken away by the social worker, thet means you are a bad parent.

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