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Yes you can. To get insurance, insurance companies, want to see an "insurable interest." Since he is the father of your child, you have an insurable interest on him.

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Q: Can you get life insurance for your child's father if you are not married?
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How do you claim your father life insurance after his death?

I need to report my father's death and collect on his life insurance policy.

How can you find out the name of the life insurance companies that your father had life insurance with?

I need help

Whether a son purchase the insurance policy for his father or not?

A son can not generally take life insurance policy on his father's life because of lack of insurable interest in the life of father. Life insurance works on the principle of insurable interest. A father generally has insurable interest in the life of his child due to emotional reasons. That is why life insurance companies design the products for the children which take care of their education and other expenses once they grow up.

How to find out if a life insurance policy was taken out and then cashed in upon their death?

How do I find out if my deseased father has a life insurance policy

What do you do to find out if a sibling has taken out a life insurance policy on her father but the father had no will?

ask the sibling.

Me and my son's father is not married or together and my son attends private school that his father pays for and his father hauls gas for a living can I get a life insurance policy on him. I'm in Tenn?

You should probably go back to the 5th grade first.

Can daughters buy life insurance on their father?

Yes. As long as there exists an Insurable Interest between two parties, they can buy life insurance. For instance, there is insurable interest between spouses, parents and their children, and relatives. A daughter may purchase life insurance on her father.

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How can i find out if a life insurance policy exists for my dead father?

It's like finding out a needle from a heaps of straws ! It's advisable that you contact local branch office of your Life Insurance Company, if they can help you to find out about existence of a life insurance policy of your dead father. Searching by name/address of your dead father over Net may be beneficial.

If you take out a life insurance policy name your father as beneficiary and then get married but don't change the beneficiary to your spouse does the spouse have any rights to the policy?

No. The beneficiary is whoever is specifically named on the policy.

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