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Can you get lucas grabeel post code?


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Fans are able to write to Lucas at Lucas Grabeel, Persona PR, 8840 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 212, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. He is known for appearing in the High School Musical movie series.


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It is not known if Lucas Grabeel has had surgery. Lucas Grabeel is an actor most known for appearing in High School Musical.

Lucas Grabeel's birth name is Lucas Stephen Grabeel.

Lucas Grabeel lives in Los Angeles, California.

Lucas Grabeel was born on November 23, 1984.

does Lucas Grabeel have a facebook name please?

Lucas Grabeel is about avrage for a young adult, Lucas is infact 5"8.

Lucas Grabeel has shaved his head bald, you can see it on YouTube

Father: Stephen Grabeel Mother: Jene Grabeel

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Lucas Grabeel goes by Mr. Go-Get-Em, and Gramps.

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Lucas has a girlfriend.

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Lucas Grabeel is not currently dating Emma Watson. She is dating Matthew Janney, and Grabeel is currently not seeing anyone.

Lucas is straight and has a girlfriend.

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yes Yes he does, Autumn Grabeel she's a year older than Lucas

Lucas Grabeel is a Sagittarius.

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Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel are not dating, engaged, or married. They are just close friends.

yes he does Autumn Grabeel, a year older than him

I think Lucas is 5'9 (175 cm).

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