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Can you get married at the age of 11?

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No, you have to wait until you are an adult. Ask someone what the minimum age of marriage is in the area you live.

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At what age did she have her marriage?

She was 11 when she married her brother ptolemy and she never married julius caesar and mark antony

Can you get married at the age 11?

Not in any civilised countries around the world.

At what age did virgina Indians get married?

Most Indians got married as 11-20 year old. most of them got married as a teen.

Became king at the age of 9?

King Tutankhamen became king at the age of 9 and he got married at 11

When did King Tutankhamun get married?

whan he was 11He married around the age of 13.Ankhesenamon was 13 when she married king tut and tut just 9.

What is the ideal age to get married in America?

26 is the ideal age because it is an AWESOME age... Well at least I think it is, but what do I know? I am only 11.

Why did Cleopatra marry at such a young age?

she was forced to married at the age of 11....she could not choose who married because she have to ve qeen of egypto (she was greater than her brother)so she married with his brother even not being in love with him .

What age did girls get married in ancient Egypt?

poor girls got married at the age of 12 rich girls got married a little bit older like at the age of 16. Not so. Poor girls at age 11 because their fathers already busted their hymens at age 12. Id like to bust one.

What age did Pocahontas get married?

11 to a 28 year old thank u smart ones

Sarah Louise-Pearl Patton at the age of 11?

I think shes living in Houston and heard that she had married?Hope not! sp: im not married i live with my family and im 12 of age.

When is Laura Ramsey married and with who married?

she was engaged at the age of 17 and married at the age of 18 and was married by Almonzo

Can you fall in love at 11?

Love knows no age limits. i`m 11 and i`m getting married at 16 and we have a good relationship as bf and gf

What age did Nelson Mandela get married?

He got married at age 70.

What age was he when he got married?

what age was Louis sachar when he got married

What age did Garett Morgan get married?


What age did Sojourner Truth get married?

she got married at the age of 68

What percentage of people aged 15 and over in the US is now married?

Over 18 is about 75.6%, under is about 3.2% In the U.S. you cant get married at the age of 15 without consent from both legal guardians. In Mexico you can get married at age 11 though I woudn't recommend that at all.

What are the advantages of getting married at a right age?

there is no right age to get married. It depends on the 2 people who are getting married. age has nothing to do with it. If you love the person and you know you are ready to be married then do it.

Where can i get married in Mexico at my age of 16?

can i guet married in Mexico at the age of 16

At what age did Molly Pitcher get married to John Hayes?

she was married at age 24

At what age did Rosa parks get married?

Rosa married at the age of 19

What age did Mozart get married?

Mozart got married at the age of 26 =D

At what age did Lester B Pearson get married?

He got married at the age of 28.

Can I GET MARRIEd at the age of 10?

If you live in the US, no, you can't. actually you can with your parents approval of the guy i am 7 and my sis who is 11 just got married and my bf proposed and i said no though

What is the youngest age at which you can get married?

It is likely for a girl to be married by the age of 6 in Ethiopia. It is unlikely for them to be unmarried by the age of 16.