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With parental permission you can obtain a marriage license.

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Q: Can you get married in Michigan at sixteen and pregnant?
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Is it illegal in Michigan for a twenty year old to get a sixteen year old pregnant?

No, but it is certainly rude.

If you live in pa and your sixteen and pregnant can you go to another state and get married without parental consent?


If a sixteen year old resident of Alabama is pregnant can she get married without parental consent?

No. Pregnant or not, you need parental permission to marry.

Can you get married in Texas when you're sixteen and pregnant?

Not legally. When the baby is born, it may be a different story in Texas.

Can a pregnant sixteen year old in the State of Michigan marry an over eighteen man with parental permission?

With parental permission, yes, she can.

Can a pregnant sixteen year old get married without parental consent?

Depends on the state but you will need courts consent.

If you are pregnant under the age of sixteen can you get married with parent consent?

Laws vary from country to country, and state to state. Please include in your question where the sixteen year old lives.

What age can a pregnant minor get married?

Sixteen years or over generally, if the parties are within a three year range in age.

Does Arkansas law permit a minor who is at least sixteen and pregnant to be married without parental consent or legal guardian consent?


Can a sixteen year old move out on there own in Geogia?

16 year olds can get married if the girl is pregnant but im not sure about that

Was Nicole Anderson sixteen and pregnant?

no she was not

If you are pregnant and get married at 16 can you move in with your husband with out parents permission in Georgia?

if i am prenant and et married at sixteen to the babys father could i move in with him with out my paents permission in the state off Georgia?

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