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No, you can only get mono from the saliva or other body fluids of another human being. No saliva would exchange from a kiss on the neck so you would not contract the illness.

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What does getting necked mean?

It means getting kissed or sucking on the neck.

If you have mono does that mean the last person you kissed has mono?

Not necessarily. Usually you are contagious 6-8 weeks before you are diagnosed with mono. Therefore if the last person you kissed was within that time frame then there is a pretty good chance that he or she might have mono.

Can you get mono from someone who's never kissed before and you haven't kissed anyone either?


Can you get mono from someone whos never kissed anyone?


If you kissed someone with mono will you definitely get it?

Not definitely but there is certainly a good chance.

Who will Finn be with in the Valentine's Day episode of glee?

Finn doesn't really be with anybody but he does kiss Quinn and they both get mono because Santana kissed Finn ( finn had a kissing booth for charity ) and she had mono on purpous and then after Finn got mono from Santana he kissed Quinn in the audotourium.

Why do girls studer when they get kissed on the neck?

because it feels nice

Can you get mono if neither you or the guy have it?

You can get mono from drinking out of a water bottle, cup, or glass of someone who has or is getting mono. You can get mono from saliva and that is how it got its nickname "the kissing disease".

Where does Harry Styles like to be kissed?

apparently the neck... But I didn't tell you that.

I know girls like to be kissed on the ears but where do guys like to be kissed?

Neck, Chest, ears as well. My abs are a big one for me

If you got kissed on your neck could you get a passion mark?

A hickey is formed from them sucking on your neck and yes you could if you felt him sucking.

You french kissed a woman and an hour later you got a sore throat could I have caught something from her?

yes you've got mono bro yes you've got mono bro

Can a girl get pregnant by getting kissed?


How does being kissed licked touched etc on your neck feel?

good and ticklish

Where do girls like to be kissed?

Girls liked to be kissed about anywhere. But I'd have to say my favorite places to get kissed is my neck, ear, stomach, and right under my collar bone. Besides the lips of course (;

Can you get mono if you kissed an uninfected person?

I'm not enitrely sure but, I think you can't get mono from kissing someone who isn't infected. The big thing about mono is that it's contagious and it can spread quickly. But if you kiss someone who isn't infected, chances are that your not going to be infected either. If you think about it, if you don't have mono now and you've kissed lots of guys before who you know were uninfected then it's probaly safe to keep kissing. But if you do think you have it, it's safest if you go see a doctor about it.

What does it mean if a boy kisses your neck?

nothing umlesss there trying to turn you on and get you knocked up if you been kissed on the neck it is possible you experienced hickeys

Do girls become preganent after a guy kisses her on neck answer you in yes or no?

No. If you just kissed her than no.

Can you get mono by getting your penis sucked?

No. and you wont have to worry about it,

If I kissed someone who just kissed someone else with glandular fever what are the chances of me getting it I had no idea this idiot had just kissed someone else?

If you kissed someone who just kissed someone else with glandular fever, that means that person might have glandular fever and the chances of you getting the fever are high because it is spread through kissing (saliva).

When do symptoms of mono show up after you kissed someone?

feverish, swollen glands, unwell, pallid face. Basically when you don't feel well

What does it mean if while someone kiss your neck your body goes numb?

that means u are kissed by a vampire.

Should you tell your boyfriend that someone kissed you?

Not right away. Maybe if kissing him is getting regular,you can hint to him you have kissed someone else. He most likely have kissed many of girls.

Can mononucleosis cause permanent nerve damage?

Yes, it can, I've suffered from mono and have permanant nerve damage in my neck.

Do girls like getting kissed when they don't expect it?


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