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yes, it will just cost more

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Can someone with a bad driving record get cheap car insurance Missouri?

You will probably not be able to find cheap car insurance if you have a bad driving record. It will be very hard to find it.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Kansas for someone with a bad driving record?

The cheapest insurance in Kansas for someone with a bad driving record can be found at www.progressive.com and you can also compare rates with other car insurance companies

How bad is the insurance for a Dodge Charger v8?

Depending on your age and driving record. If your 23 years old with a moderately bad driving record with 3-4 points, your insurance would be around $5,000/year.

Is bad driver car insurance a lot more expensive than insurance for people with a clean driving record?

Yes, car insurance for people who have bad driving records is much more expensive. This reflects the additional risk that the car insurance companies face when insuring bad drivers who have a record of prior accidents.

If one has a bad driving record, is it possible to attain car insurance in the state of Virginia?

If one has a bad driving record, it is still possible to attain car insurance in the state of Virginia. The main problem is that you will end up paying a much higher premium.

Is insurance for bad drivers in Illinois available?

Active Insurance will insure your car, and offer the SR22 and No Credit Check for those with a bad driving record, so you can use their insurance service.

If spouse has bad driving record in Michigan but the other has good driving record how much will rates be for state of Michigan?

There are too many variables to be able to give you an estimate. It depends on the car, what type of insurance you need, and how much insurance. For an accurate price contact an insurance company.

Does Geico offer New Jersey car insurance for bad drivers?

Geico does offer insurance for someone with a less then perfect driving record. The Premiums are fairly large although for someone with strikes on their record.

Who can be a dependent on a car insurance policy?

Anyone can be listed on your car insurance policy as long as they have a valid driver's license. You just have to remember if that person has a bad driving record it will affect your insurance.

If you have a bad driving record, can you be turned down for automobile insurance?

If you got a lot of tickets and think you may not get insurance for your car, you probably would get accepted, but would have to pay more.

Which is the best auto insurance in Florida?

The best auto insurance in Florida depends on your credentials. If you have a bad driving record, you will have a high rate, because they will be frequently doing "work" on your car.

Do any companies offer bad driver car insurance?

Yes, most companies will offer quotes and insurance for drivers with an unsafe driving record. However, the premium is likely to be higher.

Can a bad driver with points get insurance in Ohio?

If you get twelve points on your driving record in a two year period your driving privileges can be suspended for up to six months. This can make it difficult, but not impossible to get insurance. It will most likely raise the cost though.

Is 3 points on driving record that bad?

In terms of your insurance rates? Yes. Very much so. Expect your insurance rate to be much higher than someone in the same situation but with no points.

Discover How To Upgrade From Bad Driver Car Insurance?

There are many different reasons that can lead to an individual only qualifying for bad driver car insurance. This type of insurance is generally far more expensive than the standard automobile insurance for good drivers and the premiums can be difficult to pay month after month for the average person. Bad driver car insurance is reserved for people who have been in serious accidents and were found at fault during the accident. Drinking and driving records, fender benders, speeding tickets, and collisions can all lead to a person only being able to obtain bad driver car insurance. There is hope for people who currently only qualify for this type of high-risk insurance. Maintaining a good driving record for the present and in the future is the most important thing a driver can do to begin improving the insurance he or she will be able to qualify for. If a person continues to have a bad driving record and continues to be found at fault for speeding, drinking and driving, and collisions, he or she stands a high possibility of losing his or her driver's license for a lengthy period of time. The next thing an individual can do to improve the insurance he or she qualifies for is to take a driving class. While this may seem like a hassle and an added charge, a driving course looks good on a record when an insurance company is considering what type of motor insurance to offer a driver. People who have poor driving records may need to take a driving course simply for their own safety and to relearn responsible driving habits. If the person drives fine and believes he or she does not need a driving class, it is still something to consider because it can help to lower the person's insurance rate significantly once the class is completed. Until the class is completed and while the individual is working to maintain a good driving record, bad driver insurance can be found online through various insurance companies. Factors such as how many miles are driven each day will be considered by the insurance company.

Who is likely to pay the highest auto insurance rate?

A single 16 year old male who drives a sports car and has a bad driving record and has bad grades in school that lives in a big city.

Who will insure a motorcycle with a bad record?

Most companies will... they'll just make you pay out the nose.

How do you get points of your drivers licenses?

You obey the rules of the road when you do drive and you wait. The passage of time is the only way for the points to expire. Remember, the points will expire but your driving record lasts forever and your auto insurance company looks at the last five years of your driving record when calculating your premium. The worse your record the higher your insurance premium will be because the insurance company figures that since you're a bad driver, you're more likely to have accidents and make claims which is not what they want.

Will you go to jail for reckless driving?

Not unless you put someone in danger such as a pedestrian or if you have a bad driving record. If you have a decent driving record you really have nothing to worry about except a ticket.

Saving Money on Insurance as a Bad Driver?

If you have a bad driving record, there is a good chance that you pay more for your insurance each month than you probably should. Bad drivers pay more in insurance because they are considered a liability by the insurance providers. You will notice that if you get into an accident that was clearly your fault, your premiums will go up each month. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do when it comes to lowering your premium so that you can easily afford the insurance each and every month that you have to pay for it. A great way to lower your monthly premium is to take a defensive driving course that is given by the DMV. These types of classes will help to lower premiums because you need only fax the information to the insurance provider so that they can see that you did go for the class. These classes can also help you if you are struggling when it comes to your driving. You will be happy to see just how affordable these driving courses can be for you or for a loved one if you have been having trouble driving and avoiding accidents as much as possible. Another thing to take into consideration would be that a bad driving record only lasts for five years. If you keep your record clean and avoid accidents as much as possible, your record can easily be wiped out in a few years. You will find that your insurance is easier to afford after you wait that amount of time because you are then cleared of any past accidents that you have had on your driving record. Taking defensive driving classes will help you to avoid accidents while you are out and driving on the road with other drivers. Saving money on insurance is a great way to feel like you are able to afford your vehicle more easily. Too many people spend a lot of extra money on coverage simply because they are a bad driver who constantly gets into accidents. Instead of spending all of this money, you can easily save extra cash by going for the right type of classes and waiting the allotted five years for your driving record to clear. Be sure to speak with an insurance professional if you are struggling to afford the car insurance that you currently have on the vehicle.

What are the recommended car insurance policies for bad drivers in Texas?

If one has a poor driving record, one will be required to purchase a high-risk insurance policy. These policies are very costly, but they will be worth the value to keep your car on the road.

Will my credit score prevent me from getting cheap motorcycle insurance?

Bad credit can cause your motorcycle insurance rate to be higher. There are companies out there that do not check credit, but most of them charge more anyway. Shop around for the best price.

How do you find out how many points a ticket is worth and how much it will affect your insurance?

Points don't matter. It's whether it's a major and minor conviction. Major - Ie) Drunk Driving - Good Luck finding insurance, especially some you can afford. Minors can be problematic too, if they're in combination with other things, ie) cancelled for non-payment - you may be disqualified from a certain carrier points definitely matter. depending on your state you probably get specific amounts of points on your driving record. the insurance company uses a whole different point system and they stay on longer than they do on your driving record (3yrs vs. 2yrs.)You can find out on-line or at the police how many driving record points a ticket is worth, but I have no idea short of asking an agent how to find out how many "insurance points" they are worth. Once you get past about 8 insurance points, it starts to get pretty bad and insurance points are higher than the amount on your driving record.

What to look for in a low cost auto insurance?

The important thing to look for in any auto insurance is what kind of coverage you get, how good the customer service is when you need them, and what kind of driving record they require you to have. Low cost does no good is the product or service is bad.

How long does reckless driving stay on your record in Washington state?

Most states keep that record attached for about 3 years. Driving is a privilege, it is not a right. Protect that privilege by being a good driver all the time. Your insurance rates will rise with a bad driving record too, all the more reason to drive sensibly.

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