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No. You can't get pregnant if your on your period! You could only get pregnant the week after your pregnant!

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Yes. If there is a way for the sperm to get in, ie. condom breaking.

If you have unprotected sex during the first cycle of your period (but before it's reached the bleeding stage) then you can get pregnant w/o ever having had a visible period.But if you used a condom, and used it right the risk of pregnancy is really small.

You cannot get pregnant unless it breaks and leaks. So be sure to get a good condom, and make sure that if your partner ejaculates that the condom does not break

There is always a chance of getting pregnant even during your period. It is good that you used a condom. If the condom didn't break your more opt to be fine. There is still always a chance you should also use birth control pills or patch or IUD if you don't want to get pregnant - two uses of protection is always a good choice.

If you mean menopause, in theory no. But I wouldn't bet on it. Make sure he uses a condom. There are communicable diseases too. Also menopausal women are dry and a condom may help. Remember: menopause is when you have not had a period for more than 12 months.

You'll get pregnant if the man uses withdrawal WITHOUT a condom.

If you use a condom when have sex, you wont be pregnant. (If the guy uses it, that it.) You only get pregnant when the man cums inside of you.

There is still a very small chance you could end up pregnant

The condom catches all of the sperm so it can't get to the Vagina.

Do not have sex. ________________________________And if you do have sex, make certain that he uses a condom, AND she uses a contraceptive foam.Don't have any sexual contact with her.Use a condom. That's also the best way to not get horrible diseases.

oh yes you can get pregnat ive learned that it is possible but very unlikely. i did alot of research because i was in a similar situation. you can only get pregnant when ovulating which is usually about 2 weeks after your period but really you could ovulate at any time. its unlikely but you should really take a test

a carpenter uses a condom a carpenter uses a condom

If your partner uses a condom, and it does not break or tear or slip off, there should be no need to take the morning after pill. Even without a condom, as long as you take the morning after pill 48-72 hours after sex (I say 48 to be safe) you cannot be pregnant.

You shouldn't use both since there's then a bigger risk one will break. If used correctly you can not get pregnant.

no sweety you can not get pregnant if he does not ejaculate in you and had a condemn on. there might be a chance but hun dont worry, if you start having symptoms though..then go to the doctors..but no you just depends if he poked holes in the condom or not

Yes. The moment a man ejaculates, his penis begins to shrink from the hard on, and leakage can happen. Not to mention, that a condom is not a 100% guarantee of no pregnancy.

Under such circumstances, using a new condom is recommended. If the condom was not removed, it's still not likely, but it's best to check for seepage. If there's any indication that sperm has leaked out, throw away the used condom and put a new one on.

It is certainly possible. If properly used a condom is over 99% effective, but there is always a slim possibility that there could be a pregnancy. If the condom is old and the latex is breaking down, or there is a hole in the condom the chances increase. And improper use can greatly increase the chances as well.

Avoid having sex with anyone. That gives you a guarantee that you won't get pregnant. If you want to have sex you should go on birth control or make sure he uses a condom.

Well, personally and not medically proven, there is a very low chance of being pregnant but it could still happen because some people's bodies would not have the successful reaction of not being pregnant after sex but some could be pregnant. If you're using a condom, and a condom alone, the chances are about 45/55 of being pregnant because their could be a possibility of the the condom tearing. But to put it simply if the couple is using all of the above, then the chances are low but it's still possible.

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