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Only if there is semen on the finger, or around the vagina.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-27 20:21:33
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Q: Can you get pregnant by fingering or playing with your vagina?
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Can you get pregnant from a guy just fingering you?

If a guy is just fingering you, you can not get pregnant. Pregnancy involves the mans seman entering you're vagina.

Can you get pregnant by fingering with clean hands?

To get pregnant you need a male sperm getting into the vagina. If there was semen on the hands, but the hands have been washed, then any sperm is gone. You can't get pregnant by fingering yourself. You have to have a male sperm.

Fingering and pregnancy?

Its Not Bad to Finger while being pregnant and you cant get pregnant if you finger yourself it will just loosin up you vagina.

Do you get pregnant if the penis goes inside your butt?

Only if the semen gets into your vagina by dripping, fingering, or unprotected sex.

Is fingering bad for you?

NO, why should it be bad??? Fingering is masturbation, which is fun and healthy. The only difference with fingering is, that you go inside the vagina with your fingers.

Is it still considered fingering is the guy only rubs your vagina and you have pants on?

No, fingering is sticking his fingers inside your vagina.

Can you get pregnant by a guy touching his penis then fingering you?

If any semen gets on his fingers and is put into the vagina then yes it could cause a pregnancy.

Can virgin girls can get pregnant by playing with vagina?

A virgin female can not become pregnant by manipulating any vagina, hers or another person's.

Can you get pregnant if the penis rubs against the vagina and then he fingers you?

yes you can , when excited and erect there can be some leakage of sperm from the penis ,from here it can find its way into your vagina, by fingering or by getting into the right possition to swim into your uterous

What is a rusty trumpet?

The Rusty Trumpet is a sexual act, wherein the man is licking a womans anus, while fingering her vagina (like playing a trumpet).

If sperm gets around the vagina but not inside it will the girl still get pregnant?

No if no sperm gets into or past the vagina then a girl will not get pregnant. However you are playing a risky game there.

Can you get preg from fingering?

From safe fingering, no you cannot. However, if there is sperm or ejaculate on the hands that are doing the fingering, then the sperm can enter the vagina, and cause for pregnancy.

Do fingering in vagina contribute in weight gaining?

No, that is food in mouth.

Will a 12 year old girl get pregnant if an 11 year old boy fingers her in the pussy?

No. You can only get pregnant if sperm is put into the vagina. Fingering that area (unless he has sperm on his hand from ejaculating) will not cause pregnancy

If a girl and guy wearing underwear and guys sperm come out in his underwear and it touches girls underwear and then guy do fingering through her underwear will girl get pregnant?

yes the girl will get pregnant if sperm gets intoher vagina

CAN 12 year old girls get pregnant by fingering themselves?

No, Ive done it before. Just make sure your hands are washed or youโ€™re in the bath. You canโ€™t get pregnant, only if semen gets into your vagina, only from a male, though.

Can you lose your virginity from fingering your vagina?

no. virginity is lost to penetrative sex form a penis into a vagina.

Does it harm if your boyfriend do fingering into your vagina?

No unless it hurts.

What is female mastubation?

girls rubbing or fingering there vagina

What is fingering a girl?

putting your finger in or around her vagina

Can you get pregnant from someone fingering you?

no you can not

Can you catch a disease by fingering a vagina?

If you do that, it appears that you already have a sickness!

Are there any variations on fingering?

You can finger someone's vagina, anus, or penis head. You can be very creative--you can do almost anything and call it fingering.

When does the white creamy-like substance come out of your vagina?

Either when a man is fingering you or ur fingering urself or if ur having crazy hard sex or if ur sticking things in your vagina tryig to make yourself horny or unhorny

Why blood comes from vagina during third time while fingering?

I think its because you are going into the vagina and hurting it