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A girl gets pregnant by having semen in her vagina. Breaking the hymen can be done by just your fingers, and can a finger really get you pregnant?(;


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Yes she has a good chance of becoming pregnant. Sexual intercourse (deep or not) = pregnancy. And of course you can become pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid.

This means your hymen has a huge hole in it originally form birth. Or you may have broken it when you were doing heavy weight jobs. This exerts pressure and may break your hymen. Or your partner in sex did not penetrate deep enough to break your hymen. Or your hymen is absent from birth. This is not a big problem to worry about. :)

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the opening to a female persons vagina. If a female was to look at her vulva in a mirror she would be able to see the hymen for herself.

Breaking the seal (or hymen) has Nothing to do with pregnancy.It is all about the sperm reaching the egg. Breaking the hymen when no sperm is around, will not result in pregnancy.The egg is deep inside. Usually fertilised in the fallopian tubes at the top of the womb.Admittedly it would be harder for the sperm to get in there, with the hymen intact, but not impossible.

less than half a centimetre!!

The actual term for 'cherry' is hymen. A hymen is inside of a girls vagina and when a penis enters the vagina for the first time it can go deep enough to 'pop your cherry' which means you lose your virginity and you will bleed. Now that it has been popped the penis can go deeper and you can get pregnant easily.

It depends if they have a hymen... Some girls lose it when they do things like horseriding or deep masturbation. If you wanna break a hymen stick your penis into her vagina or use your fingers and just push until it pops!

It is a membrane that covers the entrance of the vagina and is at about the same depth as the opening of the Urethra.

actually yes it can if his enis does not go deep enuf

You don't have a cherry and nothing pops.You may have a hymen, and the hymen can be torn as a result of penetration, but a finger is unlikely to tear the hymen. The hymen is tissue surrounding the vaginal opening and in most cases doesn't cover much of the vaginal opening so small things like fingers can pass through without issue, even larger issues can pass through the hymen without it tearing as the hymen is flexible so will stretch. Often the hymen will only be torn if penetration is rough or forced.

60/183 feet deep in some areas

normally your middle finger deep , unless you're pregnant then it goes in more.

Depends. Is the female overweight? Normal depth from outside the labia majora is approx 1-2 inches Again depending the anatomy of the female.

No. One cannot get pregnant through oral sex or through French/deep kissing.

Hmmm not sure if it's vagina you mean and not hymen. Hymen is a skinfold located at the entrance of the vagina and it breaks when the vagina is penetrated. The depth of a vagina is somewhat individual just like the length of a mans penis but in it's normal state it's 3-4 inches long but when sexually aroused the upper segment extends to 5-7 inches, sometimes more.

No, it needs to be deep inside your vagina.

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Sometimes you are aware of your own pulse deep in your abdomen when you are pregnant as the blood flow to the uterus increases.

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